Tuesday November 15th 2005 (9 years ago)
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Pike rods

Published: Tuesday November 15th 2005 (9 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

Danish Scierra are introducing some great looking rods

Yep, you are right. It did say great looking.

Now, why would that be interesting?

Because basically most modern rods are great rods. I admit that some are a bit greater than others, but at the end of the day, there are only fractional differences between rods at the same price levels. You will occasionally find a gem in the low tier market, but most mid and high level rods are comparable - even between the two groups.

They typically differ in one important aspect: finish. The parts selected for the rods and the workmanship. Casting wise there are more similarities than differences,

So why not make that difference a really big one? Why not stand out? Several vendors have tried that.
Loop introduced their yellow, green and blue rods. Not my cuppa, but some people liked them.
Loomis have raised the bar significantly with their Stream Dance and Cross Current rods. These have a very unique design and it's obvious that somebody with a graphic eye has been involved. Look at the image in this Online Fly Tyer review.

Danish Scierra has decided to go for a different design as well. I was lucky enough to see most of their upcoming collection of fly rods, and I have to say that they are on to something. The series consists of a large program of special purpose rods ranging from pike rods to genuine salt water rods for bonefish, tarpon and permit. The samples I have seen and the ones I have fished are all very well made and all have the hallmark of these rods: the engraved two-color reel seat.
At the same time the blanks are beautifully colored: blue for salt water, olive green for pike etc. and the finish is top of the line.

With regards to casting these rods range up there with the best, and all blanks have been designed for the purpose, and are not run-off-the-mill blanks.

I will return to the pike rods later in a pike rod article here on GFF, and may also get a shot at some of the other models.

Until then you can enjoy some design details from the samples:

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