Friday June 30th 2006 (9 years ago)
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Published: Friday June 30th 2006 (9 years ago)
Updated: Friday June 30th 2006, 8:29PM
by Bob Petti

Really bad

Earlier this week, the drainages of the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers got a deluged by rain and were hit with historic floods. I got back from a tour of Roscoe and Livingston Manor area just a few minutes ago, and thought I would share some of the images. Please keep a good thought in mind for those affected by this disaster.

You see a lot of these in the area

This is the road on the way to the Junction Pool. Actually, I'm standing just above the bridge over the upper Beaverkill looking back toward town. The motel would be to my left.

I tiny tributary of the Willowemoc just upstream from the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum had a horrific flood and washed over the road. Here's some of the debris left behind.

A section of the wall at Painter's Bend got washed away.

Every campsite along the river looks like this, with campers pulled up to the roads to avoid more flood damage.

A road sign that got washed into the river at Horton.

Damage like this to the banks of the river is common up and down the Beaverkill. This one is just upstream from the pool at Horton.

Downtown Livingston Manor looks more like a dusty desert village today, with the sand and leftover junk from the flood all over the roads.

This is a typical roadside where the flooding was the worst in Livingston Manor.

It will be some time before they can clean up a mess like this

Mullet hunting!

Published: Friday June 30th 2006 (9 years ago)
Updated: Friday June 30th 2006, 5:57PMMore about: Mullet |
by Martin Joergensen

This year is mullet year. I intend to catch one...

I have been out looking for mullet on a couple of occasions already this season, but only found them one of the days. They were cruising close to the shore as they sometimes do and gave a couple of hour's fantastic fishing - but no luck on the catching front. I still have to land my first mullet ever. I hooked four last year, but lost them all.

Although the fish were easily within casting range, none of my offerings seemed to be able to do much in tempting the fish, it was really exciting to see them cruise back and forth just a few meters from the beach.

I tried everything in the box, but it seemed that when the fish saw the fly, they turned away from it rather than towards it.

Yesterday I took a long walk -- with the rod ready -- along one of the places where I have seen most mullet. But to no avail. After several miles of walking I still hadn't seen a single fish, and I returned late in the evening with nothing but sore legs and a sweaty T-shirt.

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