Monday September 3rd 2007 (8 years ago)
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Podcast hiatus

Published: Monday September 3rd 2007 (8 years ago)
Updated: Monday September 3rd 2007, 11:46PM
by Martin Joergensen

The GFF podcasts have had to take a long break due to broken recording equipment

I have been recording and publishing podcasts on GFF for a while, but unfortunately have had to take a break recently. My recorder has been stepped on by cows and even though I have tried to get my hand on new gear, all my efforts have been fruitless. I have even bought a couple of used recorders from a podcasting friend - same model and make as my first one ever - for close to nothing, but unfortunately none of them have worked 100%.

So there is a pause in my recordings right now. Not that I like it, but that's just how reality has treated me - and you.

But fret not. As soon as I get my hands on something useful, I will start recording and publishing again. I just don't want to spend too much money on a new recorder, because 1) I haven't got them and 2) I will most likely dip the recorder in water, and I don't want to loose expensive gear to the saltwater.

Unfortunately the inexpensive recorders are few. Most mp3-players have no recording facilities and only rarely a jack for an external microphone, which I need.

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