Saturday February 13th 2010 (5 years ago)
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Published: Saturday February 13th 2010 (5 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

Some things make no sense, but we do them anyway - like driving 3 hours out and 3 hours home to go shopping.

Yesterday I did a silly thing! I discussed it with my wife in the evening, and when she asked ”Does it really make sense? Is it rational?” I had to reply ”No! It doesn't”.

What doesn't make sense is to drive three guys in a car all the way across Denmark (small country, but still 3 hours each way), pay bridge toll (about 40 US$ each way), gas and whatnot to go to a sale in an outdoors shop!

No sense at all!

But we did so anyway.

We met at my place in the morning, saddled up and rode across Sjaelland, Fyn and half Jutland to go to the annual winter sale in the large shop Korsholm.

I won't call it a tradition, but we have done it before, and it's a nice trip. We have time to talk on the way, we eat a meal on the way and we shop for 2-3 hours in the largest hunting, fishing and outdoors shop in Denmark. This year we even planned to bust another shop on the way – Go Fishing midway on the island Fyn. Unfortunately we didn't make it, because they closed before we could make it.

There's enough to buy.


A couple of pictures from our last trip to Korsholm. A nice, large shop.

I filled a basket with some fly tying material that I needed anyway, found a magazine, leafed through some books and finally dumped a fly reel, which I have been looking at for a while on the pile. The reel was half price, so that alone earned me more than the cost of the trip.

Kasper and Lars, the guys I was with, each filled their basket, and we saved lots of money! More than enough to make up for the costs. On the other hand we probably spent more money on fly stuff on that single day than we do on an average three months. But that's what shopping is about, isn't it?

Rational, no!
Nice, yes!

By the way... we noticed an odd thing about feathers in the colors used in the pattern The Pink Pig (Pattegrisen), which has become a hype and a fad beyond anything sensible on the coasts of the Baltic. It seems like some people think it's the only fly in the world, which can catch sea trout. I personally never fish it and never tied it. It's too big for my taste, and I find it hard to believe that it should be able to draw more fish from the water than many other patterns. But it's in fashion right now.

Since it uses some fairly rare materials – mainly Whiting Spey Hackle in a very bright pink – there seems to be a shortage of this specific material. And shortage combined with demand means high prices. That's logic.
But this particular material breaks all logic. If you go to the rack with Spey Hackle you will see all colors including the pink one. Turn them around and check the price.

Blue: 35 dollars
White: 35 dollars
Gray: 35 dollars
Light pink... 130 dollars!
I have seen small, low quality necks of this particular color sold at almost 150 US$ here in Denmark.


It's the same material, same size, same packaging, same labeling. Only the price differs.

The light pink Spey neck in the middle left is worth its weight in gold.
It's about four times as expensive as all the other colors.

You can "save" money by buying a Pink Pig kit.
Pink materials for about 10-20 flies: 35 US$ or about the same as a whole neck... if it's not pink, of course!

It makes no sense.

Why does it cost four times as much as the other colors?
Simple answer: because some people are willing to pay that!

Market economy for you...

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