Thursday October 13th 2011 (4 years ago)
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The shoulder thing

Published: Thursday October 13th 2011 (4 years ago)
Updated: Thursday October 13th 2011, 5:32PM
by Martin Joergensen

Where to put your rod when handling fish? On your shoulders behind your neck, of course!

There was a time where you stuck the rod under an arm when showing a fish. Maybe even just laid it on the ground or on the bank. Then people started putting the rod in the mouth. The latest craze seems to be to put the rod on your neck and shoulders behind your head while posing for a photography with a fish.

It seems to be quite a balance act, and I fail to see what's really smart about this move apart from having people like me write about it. But I can see that it's become quite a fad, and a lot of those who is somebody in fly fishing seems be adapting this way of posing.

To think that there can be fashion in where you put your rod while getting pictures taken! I have seen fashion in dress code: colorful jackets, berets, sixpences, trucker's caps and such and even fashion in rods with bright colors as blue, yellow and the latest in white and even pink.
But why this is smart apart from showing the reel maybe, is beyond me. Maybe it's like skiers finishing their runs, who have hardly stopped before they take off the skis and flash the undersides with large, clear sponsor's names on them.

Not trying to offend anyone or steal images, but just proving a point.

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