Published Mar 30. 2006


The annual trip to Bornholm is now. Yieeehaaaa!

As the regular GFF visitor may have noticed, I embark on a week-long trip to the Danish island of Bornholm every spring together with a bunch of friends. GFF partner Steve has been on a couple of these trips, but this year we'll have to miss him. Work has kept him from joining us. You can see pictures and read stories from Bornholm in the articles: Bornholm 2002 and Rock Island This trip is a highlight of the fishing year—not because we haul in fish by the dozen, but rather because we have a great time fishing, eating and just farting around on the rocky island in the Baltic. We do catch fish, and some years we have excellent fishing, but since the trip takes place in March or April, we're very prone to bad and unstable spring weather. I will be leaving tomorrow with six friends and be gone for a week. Right now I have been packing my stuff and getting out fly lines and preparing reels. I promised the others to bring all the rods, reels and lines I have for sea trout fihing, and that's quite a few! Man, what you gather over the years...
Winding lines on reels. Part of the pre-Bornholm ritual. GFF partner Steve with a good fish from Bornholm last year Richard Ross also joined us back in 2005
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