Published May 18. 2004 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Dec 22. 2015

Never again!

The world of fishing stocked lakes

I had a very disappointing experience yesterday. I was on an assigment for a printed magazine that I write for to get some pictures of buzzer fishing in a Danish stocked lake. I got my pictures, but I also got one of the worst fishing experiences in a very long time!

This is the story:

I have just returned from a trip to Wales where I enjoyed the beauty of the landscape and the great fishing that this part of Britain offers. I fished stocked lakes on a couple of occasions during my stay, and even though it is not as nice as fishing for wild fish, the quality of the fish is fine and the surroundings usually make up for the fact that the fish are not wild.

Before I left I promised to learn something about the British stillwater fishing techniques and fishing buzzers with an article in mind. That article will appear on GFF too of course.

My Danish editor insisted on providing some Dansih angle on the story, and persuaded me to go fishing in a Danish stocked lake - often referred to as Put&Take in this country.

Friend Henning and I selected a lake from the list. We chose the one that got the highest ranking in a system of stars that the Danish organisations of stocked fish lakes provides. A five star lake.

To make a long story short: if that lake has five stars, I'm glad I didn't opt for one with less stars! What a terrible place.

Muddy holes with utterly uncharning surroundings. Ugly, tailbitten rainbows that the owner stocked daily. Yes, daily! And a couple of dozen hook-bait-sinker casting anglers spread out evenly around the worn down bank.

The fish were active, but mostly chasing each other around in the lake. It was much like fishing a cage. I'll bet you that a food pellet fly would have done better than my buzzers did.

There were a couple feeding, and I managed to catch one of them. I snapped my pictures and got out of there. The fish died - Catch&Release is against the rules!

We continued directly to the coast to catch some (wild) garfish and see some nice water. And I caught a (wild) ide on top of that.

Put&take... never again! I'd almost rather spend a day working! Almost...

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