Published Feb 13. 2006

No Fly Fair!

A sad announcement indeed

It seems that this year's incarnation of the famous Dutch fly show The Fly Fair has been cancelled. That is really sad!

The home page of the show says "FLY FAIR 2006, 6 & 7 MEI NIET PLAATSVINDT". In spite of my poor Ducth, I think that I can translate that into something like "Fly Fair 2006 may be cancelled". I think that's a maybe.

Other home pages also refer to the fact, like Jay Lee's weblog.

I actually just got an invitation to tie at the show, which was going to take place in the beginning of May. It seems that a reply will be pointless, but I will return it anyway. I really want to go! It's a great show. I've been there a few times already.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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