Published Jul 7. 2007

Russia rules!

There are many more Russian language web pages on fly fishing than you might imagine. And some seem really good.

My only problem with Russian web pages is that they are very hard to read for us non-Russian speaking folks... I can spell my way through Spanish, make sense of both French and German and Swedish, Norwegian can be read fluently while Icelandic demands a little more deciphering. But languages like Finnish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian and many more are just impossible for me to try to interpret. There is not a word I can recognize.

Too bad, because sometimes you stumble upon some really nice Russian pages.

How about This page has sections on fly fishing and rod building as well as spinning and ice fishing. The fly pattern section in particularly interesting, and actually quite useful - not least because there is very little text. Look at the foam flies - lots of inspiration there!

Maybe I should consider learning Russian...

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