Published Aug 27. 2003

Soccer Practice

The mind wanders

Yesterday was my daughter's first soccer practice. As fun as it is to watch a handful of 6-year-olds running around and kicking the ball in a semi-organized fashion, I found my mind wandering after a little while. You see, the park they were playing at is right next to the Esopus Creek - albeit the section below the reservoir which really isn't trout water. Looking upstream from the park, it was bouldery and slow moving, with no shoreline development that I could see other than what was right at the park. It had a wild look to it, sort of Adirondack-ish, and every now and then something (smallmouth?!?) would swirl near the surface. Oh how I wanted to explore the water - even without a rod. Finding a local spot that is hot for smallmouth wouldn't be a bad thing, would it? But I had fatherly duties to attend to. Erin was on the field and Sarah needed to be pushed on the swings. I took turns watching practice, pushing the swing, and scanning the water. I'll have to check the maps for access points above the park. It just looks too nice to ignore.
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