Published Sep 18. 2004 - 11 years ago

Behind Private Doors

It's for the trade only. Joe Q. Public can't get in. Before any trade magazine, before any other internet webzine... let GFF be THE FIRST take you on an EXCLUSIVE tour of this invite-only show. See who hobnobbed at the show and 

Fly-Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo
Denver, Colorado - Sept 17-19, 2004

The Show in Pictures

The show in pictures
GFF's 2004 HOT-n-NOT Predictions
Show Celebrities

Every year, the mecca of the industry's retail trade centers in Denver, Colorado. It's timing is just perfect as new products are showcased and proudly displayed by over 250 of the industry's manufacturer's and top-name retailers.

But you, Mr. General Public, are NOT allowed in! It's for the trade only. No buying. No shopping bags. No crowded aisles of deal-seeking flyfishers. So, what then, is so secret about what's hidden between the rows and rows of eager product peddlers? Let GFF take you on a quick photographic essay/tour of the first day of the show. AND, let GFF be the first to do so, before any magazine, before the trade's voice, AFFTA, before any other web-based journal. These pictures are barely 24 hours old as this publication hits the internet!

0730 hrs

Over 300 of the industry's shop owners, manufacturers and distributors gathered for the opening day keynote address by retail shopping science guru, Paco Underhill.


0930 hrs

Industry reps, retail shop owners, bulk buyers, distributors and staff line up for registration to get in.

1000 hrs

The gates are opened and well over 1,500 anxious industry illumnites eagerly pour in to attend seminars, appointments and hobnobnicks.


Scenes from the show

I only have Petzl's for you: Petzl came prepared with a vast array of portable and compact lighting geared toward the outdoor enthusiast. Their booth was attractive and obviously well-lit!
I'll circle back on that: William and Joseph utilized an eye-popping merchandising platform to display their attractive apparel and gear.
A Retail display for retail displays: Even manufacturers of retail display stands attend the show. Adams & Sons specializes in retail space merchandising displays and fixtures.
Winston Trade show Checklist Review, Let's see: Winston banner - check. Rods in place - check. Attractive display stands - check. Freshly pressed suit - check. Hair combed - check. Rental bowling shoes - check. what?!
Fabrique: Would you believe - you can even order flyfishing themed fabric to make your shirts, bandanas...or socks.
Hodgman Lodge: treats their guests with style, a couch under a wonderfully soothing picture of a flyfisher. An inviting homey atmosphere if I ever saw one.
Under-Armor. It was football, then baseball, you saw the commercials on TV with your favorite athletes touting the benefits of athletic under-garments. Next up: Dave Whitlock streamside shooting a TV spot for UA; can you see it?!
Spey Craze: All the way from U.K., this chap gracefully lays out a spey cast to the audience's delight.
Gotta have one of these: Hobie's Mirage is a sturdy notch up from float tubes. Optional: a mini-fridge for keeping the cold ones cold.
Ridiculously Rainbow: Don't expect the fashion sense to win you over, but you have to get a pair of these. Trust me.
Tie flies? then fixate your peepers on your vise with da-lite lamps. It's uncanny how a bit of light change can make a world of difference.

Ebay? yes Ebay! They came prepared with Ebay-U, a seminar-based instructional series geared toward how ebay can be your next great e-commerce frontier.

Another fearless GFF prediction: We believe this whole internet thing will be REALLY big someday.

Awfully inviting: after a day of walking miles within the small confines of a convention center; this couch looked like the appropriate spot to rest the dogs.
Abel continues to produce reel eye candy for the flyfisher.
Flies beyond your eyes. Umpqua brought out the entire inventory to treat the flyshop owner with the WOW factor before making his next big bulk purchase.
Seminars on how to be better flyshop owners: greet your customer with respect; treat them like family...all the tricks to retailing were revealing in this attractive and humorous seminar on building customer loyalty. (yes, the chap on the left is a mannequin, the chap on the right is not)
Would you like me to box your boxes, please? Millstream displays the latest in flybox technology, along with custom imprinting options to make the flybox your very own.
Sage advice:
rods for every caster, reels to match.
Orvis' temporary show digs didn't look so temporary. How long does it take to build this log cabin for a three day show?
Don't Hyde in my boat. These boats just don't sink and these two Hyde Reps are setting out on a journey to prove it.
Get the BUG OUT! There's no bugging these ladies as they are 100% bug-proof thanks to Insect-Out's insect barrier clothing.
No Smoking Inside: Ohhhhh! those aren't real!, those are spun deerhair smokes.
Marketing to the cliMAX Yes, I agree, performance by design...the flylines that is...although, I see no Climax products in this advert...makes me wonder just what climax sells?!?!

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