Published Oct 5. 1998

Fall 1998 Gallery

A few really old images

Read more about the time these pictures were taken.
All photos: Martin Joergensen and Mark Vagn Hansen.

 Webmaster Martin Joergensen fishing over perfect bottom:
sea weed and sand. The fish shown
was caught right here.

 Approx. 2 kilos of silver
that fell for an ugly, large Moyerfokker

 Double act: two LAW reels at once
- even one of these reels is a rare sight

 Sea weed and gin clear water.
Add some wind and current
and you have perfect conditoins
for fall sea trout fishing.

 Friend Mark Vagn Hansen
fishing 'backwards' to overcome the wind.

 Mark Vagn Hansen concentrating
on the water in front of him.

 Mark Vagn Hansen fishes
a Sage 7 wt. and an ATH reel
with a neutral Glider shooting head
backed by an HT braided shooting line.

 Ken Bonde fishing for mullets
which are so close
you can fish them sitting down!

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