Published Jan 1. 2002 - 14 years ago

Trust me, Mon!

How would you like a story that features blue sky, clear water, bonefish galore - not to mention The Mother of all hangovers and the greatest fishing spot on the face of this earth? Well, you get it all here in Paul Slaney's fantastic three piece story from the Bahamas. Trust me, Mon!

A three part harmony about a fantastic trip for Bahamas bonefish

By Paul Slaney 

1 "Trust me Mon!"
n"; echo "Part 1 - the place, the guide, the first bonefish

nn"; echo "The Joulters Cays are a long, long way from Wales. Or some would say its not so much the distance as the difficulty in actually getting there. I can tell you though, that from Caerwent to Nichols Town on the Island of Andros takes the best part of two days and three flights and a hell of a lot of patience. The fun doesn't start until you hit Nassau AKA The Island of New Providence. I prefer the latter name, it has a more romantic ring and for my way of thinking, travelling always should hold a certain romance. But that's not where the story starts...

nn"; echo "2 Moletown hangover
n"; echo "Part 2 - The Mother of all hangovers and the greatest fishing spot on the face of this earth

nn"; show_pic("2small_flatsbird.jpg", "Click to read the second part", "RIGHT", "", false, "part2.php"); echo "So where was I? Yep, it was a couple of days later, on the third morning of the trip, about 8'ish in the morning. I was standing in the shallow water bordering a flat that was to become known as Moletown. It was pouring with rain, I mean pouring with rain. The small mangrove island behind me offered no cover at all and despite my rain jacket I was rapidly getting soaked. Phillip was moving the boat up tide so we wouldn't have to walk far after fishing the flat, I could just make him out in the distance. And I was hurting....

nn"; echo "3 Some Boring Practicalities
n"; echo "Part 3 - Nothing can really prepare you for the experience you actually get on your first bonefish trip.

nn"; echo "If, like me, you are new to bonefishing, nothing can really prepare you for the experience when you actually get there. By all means, read the books, watch the videos, spend a fortune speaking to your guide on the phone and talk to friends and acquaintances that have been lucky enough to get the T-shirt. If you do one or all of these I'm sure you will have picked out some of the following information. Its all pretty boring but "Trust me Mon" it's all pertinent to your trip...


"; show_pic("3small_gotcha.jpg", "Click to read the third and last part", "", "", false, "part3.php"); show_pic("3small_cb.jpg", "Click to read the third and last part", "", "", false, "part3.php"); ?>
I would like to thank a few special friends who's help and encouragement made this trip for me. Mr Bruce Saltzburg (aka Cuz') from Cheyenne, Wyoming, whom was responsible my catching the bonefish bug in the first place and supplied much patient advise, flies and materials prior to the trip. I hope you have a great trip in March Bruce! And Mr Leon Chandler of the Cortland Line Company for his advise and generously supplying the special tropical flylines I needed for this type of fishing. Finally, Mr Phillip Rolle, of Nichols Town, Andros. For his patience, knowledge and sense of humour and who, quite simply, is one of the best fishermen its ever been my privilege to meet.


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