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Albula vulpes - the ghost of the flat

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Fly Fishing New Caledonia
Fly Fishing for Bonefish in the extreme north of New Caledonia
Bonefish Tapas Fly
This is my go to pattern for big Bonefish. When Bonefish get over 6-8 pound they get smart, spooky and often feed more selective. They don't act the same as a 3-4 pound fish... so you need another fly to target those bigger Bonefish.
Tarpon and Bonefish in the Virgin I...
Fly fishing in the Virgin islands with Capt. Arthur Jones.
Salad Days - Crooked Island

Bonefishing and crusing the cayes around Crooked Island, Bahamas.

Goat: Dirabi
Alt-j: Fitzpleasure

Produced by Bloodknots Fly Fishing

Thanks Scientific Anglers, R.L. Winston Fly Rod Company, Coalatree Organics and Crooked Island Lodge

The Wade
Took a family DIY Bonefish trip to Long Island Bahamas. We had a great time caught some fish and did some major relaxing hope you enjoy the flick!
DIY Fly Fishing in Bahamas 2014

Join two Scandinavian anglers on DIY adventures in Bahamas. It's dark and cold back home in January, so this is like being in heaven for our frozen bodies!
No work, no shoes and no long as there is some beer in the cooler!
This video is just for fun, all shot with GoPro's, but you can check out our serious projects on

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