Brown Trout
Salmo trutta - the most commonly fished fish in the world

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Brown trout from the emerald river

Lesly Janssen, guide from the Soca fly shop in Kobarid in Slovenia takes 2 young American guests out to the emerald river and have a blast combined with some exciting moments to land a nice brown trout.

Filmed and edited by Lesly Janssen with the help of Ken MacMurray

Explore Utah's Green River

A trip to Utah's Green River with Zeal Optics, Western Rivers Flyfisher Guides and Bloodknots.

Film and Edit by Bloodknots

Blog post and Photos can be found Here:

Montana Fishtales

Portrait of Montana Fly Fishing Guide Michael Stack. Mike has been fishing and guiding the rivers of Southwest Montana for 20 years, and is the owner of Fishtales Outfitting based in Sheridan, MT.

A Trout Called Janne

Enjoy! Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing

A visual poem of the 1964 essay "Testament of a Fisherman" by Michigan author John Voelker.
Birthday Browns
What better way to spend your birthday than fly fishing one of your Favorite rivers. On this day it was Shane's 17th birthday so we decided to head up to the Davidson river in North Carolina. We had a great time and Shane was hammering them all day and pulled in a 20+ inch Brown trout.