Brown Trout
Salmo trutta - the most commonly fished fish in the world

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Birthday Browns
What better way to spend your birthday than fly fishing one of your Favorite rivers. On this day it was Shane's 17th birthday so we decided to head up to the Davidson river in North Carolina. We had a great time and Shane was hammering them all day and pulled in a 20+ inch Brown trout.
Quiet Beauty
We live for those intimate moments. I'm sure you've heard us say that before. The obvious point in saying that is the intimacy of some of the video we share. The subtle part of the statement is the word 'moments'. You don't bang out intimate fly fishing moments one after another. It's simply a matter of finding one moment and appreciating it, like this engagement with this nice brown. Amelia had a good go at it, yet it had a mind of its own and while was likely going to get fooled, was erratic enough to be unpredictable.

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Fly Fishing for Trout and Steelhead...

Presenting the Fly & Why Knot Fishing's weekend on the Oak! Had a blast catching browns and steelhead!

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The House - Air Traffic Controller
Under Mountain, Under Ground - The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Flyfishing Faroe Islands 2014
This is a short video of the 2014 season, fishing for brown trout in the Faroe Islands.
Dry or Die Brown Trout

In this shortfilm you'll see Backyard Fly Fishing member Ingar Folde in action in a secret lake far far out into the wilderness hunting huge brown trout.

Location: Norway, Møre og Romsdal

Film & edit: Ingar Folde


Fly Fishing Daddy Leave
The filthy rich welfare state of Norway provide all dads a minimum 14 weeks of paid paternity leave.
This is one way to spend those weeks :)
Paternity leave with Julius. Catching brownies in the lake and in diapers :)
Fly fishing for brown trout, sea trout and Salmon.

Music: Clean Bandit - Rather be feat. Jess Glynne (Robin Schulz Edit)