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Duck's arse feathers

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CDC Parachute Flies

During this fly tying tutorial, I show a simple technique used for tying parachute CDC flies. This is an effective method that utilizes a great material to use with parachute dry flies, especially for those difficult fish in pressured water. With a little practice, this technique can be applied to your emerger patterns, and I believe will ultimately lead to more fish.

During this video, I referenced a website to learn more about CDC feathers; you can view the information here:

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Red Head CDC
Very effective for trout, deadly for grayling in small sizes
No Tails CDC
Dry flies for trout and grayling very very selective
Red Deer And Cdc
Great imitation summer for the "coup de soir."
Cdc Pale Nymph
Excellent complement to the model cdc pale dun split
Cdc Pale Dun Split
Model indispensable when the trout feed on small ephemeral light emerging