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Simple Yarn Crab Bodies

Fly Tying Tip - Simple Yarn Crab BodiesTying crab flies for bonefish and permit can often be intimidating for anglers because of the complexity of most patterns. One of my favorite crab pattern's is Cathy Beck's Fleeing Crab which we have used in the Bahamas and Belize for bones, permit, and even some baby tarpon. The body of this pattern is made from EP Fibers (antron works too) and they are typically tied in using a "figure 8" style technique which is good, but that technique tends to bind the fibers down of the previous clump of yarn.

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How to Make a Crab Coin
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Kung Fu Crab
Kung Fu Crab Fly Tying Video Instructions and Directions
Turneffe Crab

Turneffe (Belize) Crab Fly Tying Video Instructions - Bonefish Flies

Estaz Flats Crab
Tying Bonefish Flies Estaz Flats Crab