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Fighting Blue Crab

A quick video of tying the Fighting Blue Crab fly.
From the Louisiana marsh to the Florida panhandle and all sandbars in-between.
Sandbar flies are hand tied in south Louisiana for the gulf coast fly fisherman.

SandBar Crab

Visit the Sandbar Flies Website:
The Sandbar Crab fly is a great fly from the Louisiana marsh to the Florida panhandle. The claws on this crab extend out to act like a crab in a defensive position. Redfish, pompano and sheepshead will eat the Sandbar Crab. This fly is tied on a #1 34007 mustad hook with a slight bend at the eye of the hook to ensure the fly swims and lands on the bottom hook point up.

Redfish Crab Fly
Simple crab pattern via Itinerant Angler forum. I advise a 20lb Mason Hard Mono weed guard. Debarb this too.
The Crimp

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Doug Mcknight presents a pattern designed to target the saltwater fish of the Caribbean. This pattern was tested and designed in the heart of the salt the past few years during Yellow Dog Hosted Trips. Take a look as Doug spins up the design and details for his saltwater fly, and contact Yellow Dog for more information on fishing the Caribbean!
Doug McKnight pattern: The Crimp
Location: Caribbean
Imitation: Crab or Shrimp

Linwood Blue Crab

This is a instructional video on how to tie Pursuit Flies Linwood Crab. This fly is great for redfish or any flats eating fish.

A big thanks to Jamie Tyler for putting this video together for us!