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Here's a step by step guide to a classic permit pattern, the McCrab deer hair crab, recommended by several Yucatan guides and lodges as a must have fly.
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Hook: Saltwater hook of your choice size 2-2/0
Thread: tan
Body: Deer hair and marabou
Legs/claws: knotted rubber bands
Eyes: epoxy coated mono
Adhesive: super glue and UV resin
Weight: dumbell eyes and Loon tungsten powder *optional

Music on this video by Nick Weston/Morlais
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Murica Merkin
Great crab pattern for saltwater destinations
Baby Blue Crab Fly
A size four EP style fly imitating a favorite food of redfish everywhere; the baby blue crab.
Fighting Blue Crab

A quick video of tying the Fighting Blue Crab fly.
From the Louisiana marsh to the Florida panhandle and all sandbars in-between.
Sandbar flies are hand tied in south Louisiana for the gulf coast fly fisherman.

SandBar Crab

Visit the Sandbar Flies Website:
The Sandbar Crab fly is a great fly from the Louisiana marsh to the Florida panhandle. The claws on this crab extend out to act like a crab in a defensive position. Redfish, pompano and sheepshead will eat the Sandbar Crab. This fly is tied on a #1 34007 mustad hook with a slight bend at the eye of the hook to ensure the fly swims and lands on the bottom hook point up.