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Float Tube Magic - A Fly Fishing Escape

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The mountains - part one

We went on a journey to the "hemligjaure" for dry fly fishing after trout, grayling and arctic charr. We brought our bellyboats with us and struggled over the mountain. This is a recap of the fishing we did on the mountain.

Part two of the trip will be released as soon as it's ready.

For more photos and videos visit www.troutvision.se


Float tubing and fly fishing the amazing still waters of the KZN Midlands South Africa very fortunate the live in such a beautiful area and the Trout fishing is world class.

Track: Catch Alight by aKING


Cod from a float tube
Float tube fishing for cod over 3 meters of water (18').
Like swimming ducks
Fly fishing for Bass , Carp and Amour
Cold Reeds
Pike fishing from Finland