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Closed cell foam, foam bodies, foam cutters

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The Pyramid Popcorn Beetle

We're starting something new here at Friday we'll release a new fly-tying video for patterns effective on local waters. We'll include regional favorites as well as some of my patterns that are published in the Orvis catalog.

This first episode will show a quick rundown on tying your very own Pyramid Popcorn Beetle.

Marco Feliciani ties the N.E.F.
Razor Foam Stimi
A twist on a classic pattern
Detached Body Mayfly Emerger
My favourite Pattern for River & Large water
Will's Wiggle Minnow

Looking for an easy popper to tie for summer bassin'? This is the one. Quick, durable, and it moves like crazy.

810 sz 2 bass bug hook
3/0 mono cord
Large River Road foam
Rabbit strip tail

Swap the 810 for a long shank saltwater hook and you've got a saltwater popper.

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