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Closed cell foam, foam bodies, foam cutters

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Bugbody Beetle

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Chubby Chernobyl
Hook: 2xl Dry #6 -#12 Thread: Brown Underbelly: Amber/Brown Antron Body: Tan Sheet Foam Wing: White Poly Yarn Legs: Brown Silly Legs
Cream Snowshoe Spinner

Hook: 2xl Dry #12-#14
Thread: Cream
Tail: Micro Fibbets
Body: Snowshoe Foot Dubbing
Wingpad: White Foam
Wing: Snowshoe Foot

Blumble Bee Fly
This is an easy yet deadly effective bumble bee pattern. There aren't a lot of these out there and this one gets the job done. It does take a little while to tie but its worth it in the end.
Squirmy Worm
Roger Lowe of Brookings Anglers ties his version of the Squirmy Worm. This is the 3rd segment of our Team Rubicon show for Chasing Waters. Before any of you start cracking jokes about us talking about the size of the fish that was caught, we were poking fun at a few guys whose rulers seem to be "off". Enjoy and we will be putting up more videos now that the season is over. Follow our page to keep up with all the new stuff and our next season. If you need some materials here's the link to where you can buy them.

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Eric's Bass Assassin
It's Bass fishing time in the U.S. Here is a Fly designed by a great tyer. Eric Roth.

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