A universal and popular fly tying material

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Chartreuse Soerensen
Fly tying: salmon/sea trout tube fly: Chartreuse Soerensen
Big Hairy Bass Bug

A simple tie of layered flash, feathers and deer hair to create a sunfish like fly for bass and other predator fish that feed on baitfish of this size. This fly can be scaled up or down in size to suit the situation.

Hook: Partridge Barbless Ideal Nymph #8, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Rib: Copper wire, Body: Pine squirrel underfur, dyed chestnut, Wing: Pine squirrel 'zonker' strip, dyed olive-brown, Collar: Pine squirrel guard hairs, dyed chestnut - in split thread Note: The Squonker is a generic 'zonker' pattern - vary color and size as desired. Pattern and fly: Hans Weilenmann
Fox Squirrel Nymph
Tying the Fox Squirrel Nymph with Davie McPhail. Materials Uesd; Hook, Kamazan B175 size 14 Thread, Uni thread 8/0 Tan Tail, Small Bunch of Red Fox Squirrel Guard Hairs Tib, Small Gold Tinsel or Wire Body, Belly Fur from the Red Fox Squirrel Thorax, Red Fox Squirrel Body Fur Hackle, Brown Partridge Head, A tiny bit Red Fox Squirrel Body Fur
Moose Hair Pupa
It might be in Italian, but it's an easily tied and beautiful fly. Two colors of moose hair make a really nice segmented body.