Small and fast vessels to fish from

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Jackson Kayak Fishing

GoPro highlights of our guided fishing and touring trips in Western North Carolina. Fly fishing, lake fishing, kayak fishing for trout, bass, walleye, musky.

Kayak and barbel
Fly fishing for barbel from the kayak
DIY Fly Fishing in Bahamas 2014

Join two Scandinavian anglers on DIY adventures in Bahamas. It's dark and cold back home in January, so this is like being in heaven for our frozen bodies!
No work, no shoes and no worries......as long as there is some beer in the cooler!
This video is just for fun, all shot with GoPro's, but you can check out our serious projects on http://flyfishingfilms.com

Kayak Fly Fishing New Hampshire

Damon Bungard of Jackson Kayaks goes dry fly fishing on the Androscoggin along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in New Hampshire. In this segment from Facing Waves, Damon identifies the complexities of controlling the kayak, fly and fish all at the same time.
To explore kayak fishing destinations in New Hampshire visit: http://www.visitnh.gov/
To explore the ideal boat for kayak fishing visit: http://jacksonkayak.com/

Kayak Fly Fishing Permit with Andy ...

Adventure style Permit Fly Fishing with my Kayak. I explore and challenge myself in search of Permit in new and remote locations. I use my kayak to access area's I would otherwise not be able to fish by wading alone. These are shark and crocodile infested water and yes I saw sharks on this day. While I didn't see any crocodiles today, I know of two resident BIG crocs (4m+) that live only a few kilometres from here. The whole time I am fishing I am constantly looking over my shoulder as I am as much the prey as the hunter out here......

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Fly Fishing Tidal Creeks
Fun day on the water again.

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· New boat - I was growing really tired of my old pontoon boat and decided on getting a kayak again. This time an inflatable one.
· My new toy - Sailing, we are saaailing....! I just bought a cool pontoon boat.