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Small and fast vessels to fish from

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Kayak Fly Fishing Permit with Andy ...

Adventure style Permit Fly Fishing with my Kayak. I explore and challenge myself in search of Permit in new and remote locations. I use my kayak to access area's I would otherwise not be able to fish by wading alone. These are shark and crocodile infested water and yes I saw sharks on this day. While I didn't see any crocodiles today, I know of two resident BIG crocs (4m+) that live only a few kilometres from here. The whole time I am fishing I am constantly looking over my shoulder as I am as much the prey as the hunter out here......

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Fly Fishing Tidal Creeks
Fun day on the water again.
Another Broken Fly Rod
Just got this CPX replaced last week - love lifetime warranties! Sight fishing bream on a new beach near Camel Flat. This one is definitely not a walk-in. Lots of really shady nap spots.
Fly fishing for Omani Queenfish
Kayaking off the coast of south-central Oman when I encounter a bait pod being harassed by some queenfish. Managed to hook and release this one nice fish. The local fishermen were both astonished and perplexed, especially when I released the fish. They wanted to see both the fly and the photo.
Western Strait Kayak Fly Fishing
Spent two days kayak flyfishing the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the Olympic Peninsula. The bottomfishing was great with rockfish and lingcod landed on the fly.
Kayak Fly Fishing
Nice POV video of kayak fishing for redfish.