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Mountain Brownies - Fly Fishing for...

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Bergman travel with helicopter far out to the Ammarnäs mountains together with their guide Ulf Johansson from Ammarnäs Fishing Centre on a trout fly fishing journey. Their quest is to catch big brown trouts in a small mountain lake where extremely few people fish each year. Due to the hot weather they also bring two belly boats to be able to seek the fish in the deeper parts of the lake, where the water is a little cooler and where probably no one else has ever fly fished before...

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The Brook Yard

Its been raining here a lot in Summit County, Colorado lately so iv been keeping my fish outings to local small streams and short adventures. None the less, places offer tons of brook trout to be had. Though they might not be monster fish or a big fight to get in they are just as hard if not harder to fool into taking a fly or hopper pattern as iv been using and in my opinion they are most beautiful fish you can catch! Heres a short film of some fun to be had right off my back door step for the most part, Enjoy!

Josh Diller


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Mayfly - Telemark

Impressions of a six day long trekking trip through the norwegian mountains of Telemark. Hiking and fly fishing in the Hardangervidda in height of 1,200 meters. July, 2014.

Filmed on Canon EOS 6d and GoPro Hero3.
Music: Paolo Nutini, Growing Up Beside You

Rocky Mountain Fly Highway

In the heart of the Northern Rockies, one 500 mile stretch of U.S. Highway 20 threads a dozen jewels-- the West’s most prized blue ribbon trout streams. Along the way, the corridor winds through some of America’s most spectacular scenery-- jagged peaks, bewitching deserts, shimmering waters in pristine forests.

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Mountain Stream Fishing
A short film made by Rhys Lewis.
Fly Fishing with Tenkara in the Smo...
Fishing-Fly fishing guides Ian and Charity Rutter discuss the use of Tenkara for trout fishing in the Smoky Mountains.