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The stuff we're trying to imitate

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Shark's Wasp

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Domestic Fly

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Monster's Bug

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CDC Mayfly

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Wasp Year

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Trout and Fly

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Real Enough!

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Realistic Flies

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Edwards' Little Ant

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Midwest Hatches

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Golden shiner

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Brook trout

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The Giant Mayfly
The mayfly lifecycle, incredible amounts of hatching mayflies in an Hungarian river.
Flies into action
In the film using a new method of presentation of artificial flies.Method Buldo is floating wire and 4 artificial flies.I hope it develops in AMERICA.For more video with instructions enter the site. (Ed.: I had a very hard time placing this on the map based on the language spoken, but I guess it's Romanian.. And we have more on Buldo or float fishing with a fly here. Martin)
Bearnes Men
This is our new video by Bearnishfly's Blog

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