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The method of fishing a nymph

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Nymphing Basics For Trophy Trout an...
Trailer for an on demand video. Nymphing is without doubt the best fly fishing method to dupe both large fish and large numbers of fish. Roy Wheeldon of Fly Fishing Fantasies shares his nymphing expertise including how to nymph, best tackle choices, top big fish fly patterns, strategies, and more. Filmed on British Columbia’s premier trophy brown trout and steelhead river, The Cowichan.
Small Stream Big Results - Euro Nym...

Wyoming has excellent fishing. Euro nymphing is a great way to catch fish. Put them together and great things can happen.

My friend Kohler and I spent a fun summer day catching some awesome trout euro nymphing and trying not to get bitten by rattlesnakes. Luckily none of the snakes attached themselves to us, and many beautiful trout were caught.

Barbel Fly Fishing December 2013
Fly fishing for Barbel with heavy Nymph.
Hank Patterson's eight Steps To Bet...
Hank Patterson is back on the river sharing his thoughts, tips, techniques, understandings and misunderstandings about nymph fishing. Grab a beer (hell, grab a six pack) kick back and enjoy this episode of The Reel Adventures With Fly Fishing Expert Hank Patterson.
Wet Fly New Zealand Fishing
Wet Fly New Zealand Fishing with John Horsey
Making Your Own Strike Indicator
Making things yourself gives a greater sense of satisfaction.

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