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Flies fishing under the surface imitating subadult insects

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Videos with "Nymphs - Flies fishing under the surface imitating subadult insects" - More videos about about this subject
Bead Eye Nymph
Hook: Std Nymph Eyes: Bead Chain Thread: Black Tail; Ginger/Brown Hackle Body: Stripped Peacock Herl Wingcase: Golden Pheasant Tail Center Thorax: March Brown Dubbing Legs: Ginger/Brown Hackle
Hard Head Nymph
Modern imitation with copper head
Hares Ear Nymph
This classic nymph is a must have for all fly anglers in both stillwaters and rivers/streams. It is suggestive of many food sources including mayflies and caddis in traditional sizes and colours, and stoneflies, dragon and damsel in other sizes and colours. A great searching pattern, durable and easy to tie.Here we tie a more or less traditional version, with the addition of some pearl tinsel over the thorax for some extra flash and to suggest an emergence.
TFN - Tim's Floating Nymph

This floating nymph is a must have go to fly for you just out of the vice. I'm rushing this one to you to get out there and fish, it has taken fish from a cross the UK grayling, rainbows and browns just to start with . It has the ability to just to draw fish up to take. give it a go and tell me how you get on. From www.flyfishingpodcast.com. Come and see me at Instagam Flyfishingpodcast Like me at Facebook Fly FIshing follow me on twitter @flyfishingpcast and subscribe on YouTube or at iTunes.

Rubber Leg Hammer Creek Pearl
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a Rubber Leg Hammer Creek Pearl
Real Mayfly Nymph
Very effective during the period Mayfly

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