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Flies fishing under the surface imitating subadult insects

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Golden Stonefly Nymph
This pattern represents various yellow/brown stonefly species found east and west. I had very high success with this pattern on heavily fished streams in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The brown wire really enhances the segmentation with a lifelike color scheme. While a little on the time consuming side to tie, if you break it down to a body, then thorax step tie, then things really pick up steam. Enjoy!
Quill Gordon Nymph

Hook: Std Nymph #12 - #14
Thread: Grey
Weight: .015 Lead Wire
Tail: Grey Wood Duck Flank
Abdomen: Brown/Grey Dubbing
Thorax: Dark Grey Dubbing
Throat: Grey Wood Duck Flank

Shock Tactic
FlyStream #6 River Nymph. How to tie the Shock Tactic as featured in FlyStream Issue 6.
Stretchy May
PMD-style rubber leg / poxy-back; it's not as crazy as it sounds, but it is bullet proof and catches fish like crazy.
Beatis Nymph

Hook: 2xl Nymph #14 - #18
Weight: .010 Lead Wire
Thread: Brown/Olive
Tail: Wood Duck Flank
Abdomen: Olive Turkey Biot
Wingcase: Turkey Tail
Thorax: Dark Olive Antron Dubbing
Legs: Wood Duck Flank

Beadhead Crackback Hendrickson

Hook:1xl nymph #12 - #14
Bead: 3mm Copper
Thread: Olive Brown
Tail: Wood Duck Flank
Rib: Orange/Brown Nylon Thread
Body: Hendrickson Antron Blend
Wingcase: Grey Goose Biot
Thorax: Hendrickson Antron Blend

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