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The fierce northern hemisphere predator

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Streamer for pike - easy to tie

While fishing on a small river, there's no point to use big streamers, as the pikes are not that big so I was using this one which is about 16cm long but with nice volume and movement.
Materials list:

- Daiichi 2463 #5/0 hooks (http://www.troutline.ro/daiichi-fly-hooks-2463)
- fluoroflash
- flashabou (http://www.troutline.ro/flashabou)
- baitfish emulator flash
- Pro softhead
- 8mm epoxy eyes
- saddle feathers

Track: Argatu' - Sui la deal, cobor la vale

Musky Mash
How to tie the Musky Mash from CATCH Fly Fishing
Pike on the fly in Ireland
May 2014. We're back in Ireland for a week of pike on the fly from the belly boat. Strong winds from the East and cold temperatures is not exactly ideal pike weather. We get wet and cold, but hold on and fish many lakes. The few strikes we get are heart warming and the pike we catch are mostly good ones. When that happens we wouldn't want to be anywhere else doing anything else... We managed to get some great Go Pro shots of jumping and hard fighting Irish pike.
Tube fly for pike
A simple tube fly for pike (I suppose should work for muskie, too), easy to cast with 9wt rod. For the tail I improvised some blending from super hair fiber (found on ebay) and pseudo marabou, but a large variety of materials should do a good job for that. Materials list: - 4mm hard tube - Super hair fiber (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/14-X-FLY-TYING-SYNTHETIC-MATERIAL-CRINKLE-SUPER-HAIR-FIBRE-HANKS-FOR-BASS-PIKE-/181570111491) - pseudo marabou - flashabou - saddle feathers - baitfish emulator flash - craft fur - ostrich herl - fish mask - epoxy eyes

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