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The fierce northern hemisphere predator

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A World of Pike Flies

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Aux Outardes River Pike

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The Hulk

Click here to see materials used in this movie: http://www.bluedotmediashop.dk/group.asp?group=310

Shallow Water Monsters
In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Micke Nilsson are in the Northern parts of Sweden fishing for monster pikes with fly. It's late in the spring and most of the fish has already spawned and are now true killing machines. Niklaus and Micke are fishing in really shallow waters of a river mouth where the fish has spawned and the pikes are hitting their flies with bad intentions...
Boatlaunching and pike catching
First, how not to launch a small boat and not how to make sure the outboarder not falls into to water. Then how to Catch a few pikes from the same boat.

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