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The fierce northern hemisphere predator

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Videos with "Pike - The fierce northern hemisphere predator" - More videos about about this subject
Tube fly for pike
A simple tube fly for pike (I suppose should work for muskie, too), easy to cast with 9wt rod. For the tail I improvised some blending from super hair fiber (found on ebay) and pseudo marabou, but a large variety of materials should do a good job for that. Materials list: - 4mm hard tube - Super hair fiber (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/14-X-FLY-TYING-SYNTHETIC-MATERIAL-CRINKLE-SUPER-HAIR-FIBRE-HANKS-FOR-BASS-PIKE-/181570111491) - pseudo marabou - flashabou - saddle feathers - baitfish emulator flash - craft fur - ostrich herl - fish mask - epoxy eyes
Mangled Fly Muskie Vacation
Erik Rambo, Kevin Feenstra and Jon Ray spend a day chasing Muskie on the fly. Spending a few days on a guides vacation searching for the elusive muskie. Flies did become Mangled in the jaws of these apex predators, with a couple different muskie deciding to play with the topwater fly. "Have a nice day" fly - a unique Feenstra invention.
Joca lake, Serbia
Fly fishing for pike, Joca lake, Serbia. Song performed by Wir Sind Helden.
Northern Fly Fishing

Two young men travel north hoping to catch trout on a dry fly and a large northern pike on a flyrod.
A short film about the preparation, execution and thrill of success in fly fishing.

Starring the Whip Fly Fishing Team and Niklaus Bauer.

for more pictures and insight go to https://www.facebook.com/whipflyfishing

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