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Block Head Popper

Hook: #6 - #2
Thread: Any Color
Tail: Hackle Tips
Collar: Hackle
Body: 4 or 5 sticky Back foam sheet
Legs: Crazy Legs

Fire Tiger Popper

Hook: Popper #2
Thread: Yellow
Tail: 2 Yellow 2 Orange hackle
Collar: 1 Yellow 1 Orange Hackle
Popper Head: 1/2 inch round foam
Eyes: Sticker eyes
Resin: Diamond Fine
Legs: Fire Tiger Crazy Legs

My Best Bass Popper Part # 02
Nice and easy poppers to cast. Very good for bass
My Best Bass Popper
This a nice popper. Easy to cast. Works great- I hope you enjoy it, thanks
Make a poppers with bobbers
Easy way to make a popper with a bobber
Foam Poppers
How to make a nice foam poppers with hot glue

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