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Bass bugs

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Fishing with poppers for smallmouth...

Ian & Charity Rutter discuss fly fishing for smallmouth bass with popping bugs in rivers and streams around the Smoky Mountain region.

Mid summer float through the Nolichucky Gorge throwing top water poppers for smallmouth bass!!! Every fish you see in this video was caught and released usin.

Fly fishing on a small MN river in August using Roadkill bass poppers. Brad Miller lands a 19 beautiful smallmouth bass. Roadkill poppers are exclusive to F.

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Compilation of popper bites from a few days of fly fishing for big red fish in the Louisiana marsh. Flywater expeditions was there to capture it all!!
Jim and Jeff's Llanolope
This fly is a VERY effective popper pattern that was developed by our good friends Jim Gray and Jeff Hoelter. We fish this pattern all over the Texas Hill Country and have had fantastic results! If you have any questions about the pattern or how to tie it just call the shop at (512) 507-7733.
Pike flyfishing with Poppers

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The Pop Pikefinder, orange

Full list of materials and a complete set made ready for you: http://www.bluedotmediashop.dk/product.asp?product=826

Bob's Banger

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey coastal communities. Island Beach State Park was washed over by the storm surge.

11 years earlier Bob Popovics of The Salt Water Fly Rodders in Sea Side NJ, set out to explore the evolution of the Banger with film maker Brian Schneider. Also on hand, Shell E Caris and Richie Zola.

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