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Rainbow Trout

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Cabin Fever

Everyone gets a little "Cabin Fever" this time of the year, so HFA Guides Andy Jenkins and Tyler Treece decided they couldn't take it anymore and hit the water. This is just some good old fish action that will get the blood flowing and make you want to get on the water.

Thanks for watching!

Fistful of Sand By: The Bravery

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Strobel Lake - Argentina Fly Fishin...

Stroble - Camera & Edit by Todd Moen
For this and more go to www.CatchMagazine.net
Special thanks to Katherine Hart co-owner at Rajeff Sports for making things happen in unbelievably tough conditions. http://www.RajeffSports.com

A huge thanks to the Karim Jodor and the crew at Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge located in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
For more info about fly fishing this amazing destination for giant rainbow trout go to http://www.estancialagunaverde.com

For more entertainment like this go to the Catch Magazine Store

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Guide's Day Off

What happens when a bunch of your guide buddies get a day off together? You start the engine, that's what. Watch what goes down when 5 guides, an 11 year old grom, and a fish junkie join forces to hijack their local trout stream for a day. All I know is that if I wasn't lucky enough to call these guys my friends, I'd sure as hell be paying them to take me fishing.

FFO Guides:
John Muir
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Years Fly Fishing: 16 years

Norm Raffelson
Hometown: East Moline, IL
Years Fly Fishing: 10 years

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Extreme Fly Fishing. Jurassic Lake ...
The second installment of the film, "Angler's Paradise" looking for the biggest trouts of the world in Jurassic Lake and the most remote corners of Patagonia. Angler's Paradise, produced by Salmón 2000TV and Solid Adventure.
Kamchatka 2013: In the Words of Our...

Last season was as good as the first one 20 years ago. But don't take our word for it...

Outrageous trout fishing and the wild, magical experience of a trip through Kamchatka, Russia are narrated here by guests of The Fly Shop in 2013.

Grassroots Fly Fishing
Some days just turn out to be epic. On a day with Rugged Creek fly rods Grassroots team that is precisely what happened. With numerous doubles, and even a triple right off the bat! Featuring Jake Semons, Logun and Jakob Mitchell and Travis Bradford. For more info on Rugged Creek check out RuggedCreek.com and Hookjawmt.wordpress.com for whole story

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