A favorite gamefish in the southern US

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Pimpy Shrimpy
This video is about tying the Pimpy Shrimpy. This is a great saltwater fly for redfish, snook, and small tarpon. I hope you enjoy the tunes. Featuring my brother, Harrison Benson. Gotta love siblings. Cheers...
With the stress of work and school hanging over my head, getting out on the water is the only way to get the relief and peace of mind I need. How do you “UNWIND”?
Foggy Bayou, FL

Spring along the North Florida beaches brings foggy conditions and some great redfish action.

Seeing Red

Fly fishing the flats of South Texas. or Feed' em Flies on Facebook

FatBoy in the Bayou

Fly Fishing for Louisiana Redfish with Saltwater Fly Workshop's Fat Boy Fly.
After a months break from the water over Xmas I shot over to Louisiana's Biloxi Marsh to see who was home. Water was clear but very low and despite one good fish early on in the morning, they were absent from their regular haunts due to the lack of water. I eventually located a few fish and hooked into one at noon. It would be the first of many with an amazing few hours of clear water sight fishing for Louisiana Redfish on fly.

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