Regarding the salmon of the world - Pacific or Atlantic

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Where Reality Collides With Fantasy (Part Two)

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Byske's Baltic Salmon

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Fishy photos:
Eoin Fairgrieve

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How to Fish for Klutina River Red S...

In this 12-minute video, Scott Maclean, a fisheries biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, shows how to fish for red salmon in the Klutina River. He details where to fish, what type of gear to use, and demonstrates the fishing technique often referred to as ‘flossing’. In addition, he discusses the regulations and demonstrates the difference between a legally-hooked fish and a foul-hooked fish. Produced by Erik Anderson – ADF&G Sport Fish Division Region III. Copyright 2015 ADF&G.

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Big Ouananiche!
For the beginning of the fly fishing season in Quebec, we traveled to the Laurentides region, at Cécaurel outfitters to try and catch a landlocked salmon. This clip features four days of great efforts through rain, wind, sunburns and intense cold to finally end up catching the "big ouananiche" we were looking for!

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Salmon on the Fly
Catching my first salmon of the 2015 season on my 6 wt switch fly rod .
Salmon fishing in River Muonio, Fin...

You can add English subtitles for the video from the Youtube settings.

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Hooke Ungava: An Expedition to No M...

A first Quebec movie nominated for the IF4 international festival North American tour.

The Quebec production Hooké Ungava: An Expedition to No Man’s Land will be touring North America. The fly-fishing movie, a Hooké product, is an official selection of the International Fly-Fishing Film Festival (IF4), a large-scale festival in the outdoor industry.

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Haunted by Waters

Mid-August 2014 led me on an Alaskan adventure i wont soon forget. From the thriving washboards of the Lower Kenai for big Dolly Varden and Rainbows to a coastal stream full of huge anadromous Cohos; this trip was full of long hikes, cold rainy days, and big salmonids.

Song: Message to the Bears - Daylight Goodbye

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