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Salmon Flies
Flies for Atlantic and Pacific salmon

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Durris Shrimp AKA The Shitey Whitey
Loop Akademi Fly Dresser Stuart Foxall demonstrates how to tie his Durris Shrimp.
Olive Phantom Variant

Materials Used;

Plastis Tube 2 inches..
Thread, Olive Uni-8/0
Tag, UTC Opal Mirage Tinsel
Tail, Olive and Chartreuse Polar Bear or Sub
Rib, Oval Gold Tinsel or Wire
Body, Loop Kola Gold Dubbing
Body Hackle, Yellow Cock
Under-Wing, Tanuki dyed Olive, Lim Green Goat and Loop Gaula Green Flash
Wing, Black Goat
Hackle, Olive Cock or Hen
Cheeks, Jungle Cock
Head, Black

Aurora Cascade

Materials Used;
Hook, Loop Double Salmon size 8
Thread, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange
Tags, Gold Oval Tinsel and Hot Green Uni-Floss
Tail, Orange and Yellow Bucktail and Krystal Mirror Flash
Rib, Gold or Copper Wire
Body, Gold Holographic Tinsel
First Hackle, Yellow Cock or Hen
Wing, Natural Gray Squirrel and Dyed Blue Polar Bear
Front Hackle, Hot Orange Cock or Hen
Eyes, Jungle Cock Top and Bottom
Head, Glo-Brite Floss No.4

Pink Boa - Coho Fly
Low water flash fly for coho salmon in rivers.
Coho Flasher
Tying a flash fly for coho (silver salmon) in rivers.
General Practioner

Hook: Salmon #2 - #10
Thread: Orange
Tag: Gold Tinsel
Tail: Orange Bucktail / Golden Pheasant Red Breast / Golden Pheasant Tippet
Rib: Gold Tinsel
Body: Orange Wool/Yarn
Hackle: Orange Saddle
Wing: Golden Pheasant Red Breast / Tippet

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