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Fishing in the salt

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Saltwater Gurgler

Really simple saltwater gurgler pattern
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Fly fishing tropic beaches
Walking a tropic beach with a fly rod and sight casting to a variety of fish species. Learn more about the fly lines used at, or in Australia at
Murica Merkin
Great crab pattern for saltwater destinations
The Clunge Hunter
A simple, innocent guy...But he can find any girl in any pond...Or rivers...or lakes...Tied on an extra long shank Sakuma 430,2/0 but theses hooks are very strong and sharp.The long shank helps to get a better shape to the body and keeps it in proportion.
Tying a Saltwater Fly

Materials used;
Thread, White
Tail, Trimmed CDC Feather and Clear Ultra Lace Mirror Flash
and side by side Cock Badger Hackles
Body, Uv Longhair Fritz
Throat, White Rhea or Bucktail and Mirror Flash
Wing, White Rhea and Grey Rhea dyed Olive or in the same colours Bucktail
Eyes, Silver Holographic coat with UV Resin and finished off with Clear Varnish...

Why do we love bonefish?

This is the first of three movies we shot in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. We were fishing from La Tortuga - a house boat moored in a deserted archipelago about 3 hours' boat ride from the mainland. During the week, we caught all sorts of species, including jacks, snapper, barracuda and tarpon - most of which were hooked on fly. It turned out to be a fantastic trip and one we all hope to repeat in the not-too-distant future. This video focuses on the smallest, but also probably the fastest fish we encountered - the bonefish, which were there in numbers at this time of year (November).

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