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Fishing in the salt

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Checkers on The Wall
Just a little touch of calico magic. Keeping it close to home with miles upon miles of riprap and jetty habitat.
Open water Chinook Clouser Minnow

This Saltwater Clouser fly fishes well in the both open ocean and estuaries. The texture of the Electric Yellow fibers are not as pleasing to my likes as most of the Steve Farrar's Blends, but it is bright and I use in sparingly to spice up this fly.

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Bonefish Scampi

The Bonefish Scampi was developed by Henry Cowen and is a favorite among the many Bonefish anglers. One of the reasons the Bonefish Scampi works so well is due to it's lifelike movement. The rabbit strip in the Bonefish Scampi pulsates and moves in the tidal currents and waves. Even when the Bonefish Scampi is not being moved! The Bonefish Scampi imitates a small shrimp, one of the favorite meals for hungry Bonefish.

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Surf Candy

The Surf Candy is an incredible baitfish pattern for Stripers, Tunas, Salmon and any other fish that eats minnows. The Surf Candy is a realistic minnow pattern that can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors. The Surf Candy is a favorite among many east coast surf anglers, hence the name " Surf Candy". The Surf Candy can be tied in many color variations. With Olive, White, Chartreuse, Brown and Pink being the most popular among anglers. Give the Surf Candy a try! They are a must have in any Tuna fly box!

Shimmer Fringe Clouser Minnow

This Saltwater Clouser is tied with yet another synthetic, offering a durable flashy alternative to traditional Bucktail as the foundation of the fly.

The fly has a very slim profile and it has been gulped with enthusiasm by Black Rockfish and silvers; so you may tie the fly, tie it on, cast and strip it with confidence.

Shimmer Fringe is slippery stuff, just make sure you tie it in securely and hit it with a drop or two of Hydro to lock it in. The fly hints at its brilliance on your bench but really shines in the water.

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Saltwater Teaser

Hook: Saltwater #1/0 - #6/0
Thread: Red Kevlar
Tail: White/Chartreuse Bucktail
Wing: Chartreuse Gliss-N-Glint (Synthetic Hair)
Collar: Chartreuse Marabou

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