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Fishing in the salt

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Sea bass on the fly

When the water temperatures reach 12 degrees Celsius the European sea bass, Dicentrachus labrax, will head up north to our waters and start feeding in our estuaries. They reach our shores around May and stay until the end of October. During these months there is just one fish on my mind and every other fishery is put aside. There is nothing like the take of sea bass or the roughness of fishing the salts. Fishing from shore but also from the boat it brought me to a multitude of spots and learned more and more each visit to the coast.

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Pompano Gotcha

A quick tie of a Pompano Gotcha.

From the Louisiana marsh to the Florida panhandle and all sandbars in-between. Sandbar flies are hand tied in south Louisiana for the gulf coast fly fisherman.

Marlin Teaser

Juvenile Marlin follow the current into Hervey Bay and Gather on the inside of Fraser Island.
On good years like this one, the Fly Fishing is unreal.
This is one part of the DVD "Black Torpedoes" by Strip Strike Productions.
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Strip Strike Productions

Blue skull bait

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FCA Pimp Out
Fly Fishing for Exotic Saltwater Fish with Jako Lucas
Knockin' on the Door
The next generation of fly fishermen are here to stay. They are passionate, motivated and knockin on the door of the sport. WorldANGLING is proud to open the door and tell their story. Will Griffiths is a native of the Pacific nothwest and had never cast at a permit before fishing with Will Benson and the crew from WorldANGLING. There is no denying that the future is bright, especially when you have the gods on your side and a permit on the end of your line!

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