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Fishing in the salt

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Feather Brain

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Micro Tarantula Crab

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Sexy Crab

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Peeete's Pheather'

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Dicentrarchus labrax

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Flats in the cold

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Uncharted Waters Q&A

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Itu's Bones Q&A

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Feed Em' Flies

A short compilation of shots based on fly fishing in South Texas.

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Sage Fly Fishing


The Cape
Our yearly trip to Morehead City chasing the Albie on their fall run. 5 Days, great fishing, good food, little sleep!
Fly fishing for Sea Bass: Port of R...

During the sea bass season of 2014 I carried along my camera and tripod and tried to capture as many moments as I could. For me fly fishing for sea bass is the pinnacle of fishing. You fish the rough seas, have to scale walls and climb rocks. Tides and weather are key aspects, they can be in your favor but also close the window of opportunity. It is hard on your gear, leaky waders, broken rods, loosing flies all part of the game. It is hard it is a challenge....that is why I do it.

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White Finger Mullet
How to tide a White Finger Mullet
Everglades Fly Fishing Snook, Tarpo...

Miami Fly Fishing and Everglades Fly Fishing Guide
(561) 789-2983
Fly fishing the waters of Everglades National Park via Flamingo for tarpon, redfish and snook, largemouth bass Capt. Mark Giacobba
Music: The Who "Eminence Front"
Ray Charles "Let the Good Times Roll"
Meat Loaf "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"

Pacific Krill

This fly is one I developed after reading about euphausiid pattern that a fellow tyer angler tied and fished successfully for Coho Salmon in Puget Sound. This fly is a little different but substantially the same effect as his – and this fly has earned its keep here offshore Oregon of late.

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