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Sea Trout Flies
Flies for sea run brown trout

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One Mallard Shrimp

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Genner Bug

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Ken's Incredibly Simple Shrimp

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Allan's Winter Shrimp

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Flats in the cold

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Meerforelle an der Küste

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Shrimp anatomy for the fly tyer

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PK Mysis Variant

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Mini Pig

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Rolled Muddler

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Videos with "Sea Trout Flies - Flies for sea run brown trout" - More videos about about this subject
A copper magic Shrimp
This is a step.-by-step description of how to tie the Magic Shrimp

Click here to see materials used in this movie:

Chartreuse Soerensen
Fly tying: salmon/sea trout tube fly: Chartreuse Soerensen
Frida (sea-trout fly)
This is quite the little fly! if you have been looking for an unobtrusive sea-trout fly then here it is! hope you enjoy! (Find the original article here)
Life of a Zonker
A super great video about a sea trout fly and its fate. That last fish is close to 4 lbs. Nice!
The Mysis
Video about tying the Mysis pattern.

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· Favorite flies - I just finished a new self-published book ”Favorite flies for Baltic Seatrout” and ordered my own first two copies.
· Deep sea flies - Flies for fishing deep. Not my ususal kind of flies, but sometimes you need weight.