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The sea run rainbow trout

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The Last Frontier

Our addiction to steelhead has once again led us to the mighty Situk River in Alaska. The river is home to the largest run of native steelhead left in the world. We hit the road at the end of April, when the peak of the run usually occurs. Conditions in the river were not looking good, with flow dropping as low as 35 CFS before we got there. Unusual mild temperatures and light rain scattered every few days didn't make our life easier. Notwithstanding, good fresh push of spring steelhead were coming in each day down at the lower end.

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Hot Pink Pussy

Get your hands on a Hot Pink Pussy, an new articulated fly out of Tim Leech's Stable.

This is a killing fly for those dog days, when it to hot or to cold to get a rise at of those big old trout. Just give them a sniff of Hot Pink Pussy and they be gobbling it up.

Best fished on a fast sinking Line with a strip or tip retrieve, the venation in pinks helps emphasise the pulsing movement of the articulation and feathers.

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Our Two Hands Kickstarter Campaign ...

Bloodknots Flyfishing is proud to announce the launch of our primary fundraising effort for our new film project, Our Two Hands. Our 30 day KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN to bring this film to life has begun. We encourage you to visit the page, watch the trailer, check out the reward tiers and contribute towards the future of the film.

Campaign Dates: 6/23/2014 - 7/23/2014


*Project Background:

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Steelie Blue Steelhead Jig

In this video I bring you a nice steelhead jig that's gonna get you down to the bottom quickly and be perfect for a Czech Nymph or highsticking method of fishing. Blue is the last color that trout and salmon can see as they are on their way to spawn and die making this the perfect color for steelhead fishing. Thanks for watching my videos and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and like us on Facebook. Dont forget to check out our website.

Ride The Tide

Fly Fishing for Winter Steelhead in Oregon. Steelhead are one of the most revered species, for a fly fisherman to catch. The cold, foggy mornings spent along a coastal stream, call to the soul of the fly fisherman. Chrome, the color of strength, stamina and survival; the epic journey that steelhead go on, make them the a truly special fish. These steelhead literally ride the tide into the clean, cold rivers that reach into the ocean...on a mission to return to their home waters.

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Steelhead Alley
Little edit from a really good day on steelhead alley earlier this week. I dont own the music. Enjoy!

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