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The sea run rainbow trout

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Black Jack Steel

Steelhead flies are a blast to tie. They are big, colorful, and look really fun in a fly box. Each spring I reserve a considerable amount of time at the vise for these colorful creations. Among my favorites is the Black Jack Steel. About five years ago I created a trout fly that I named the Black Jack. It is a Prince Nymph variant with a thread body that is coated with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails as the center piece of this pattern. It has found great success for trout throughout the Western United States.

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Getting into the swing of things
Some steelhead fishing to get people amped about winter steelheading!
Camo Squid Steelhead Fly
Fly Tying a Camo Squid variant. This has been one of my favorite Steelhead patterns. I tie them like this and with 4 hackles over the shoulder (icedub/ostrich/guinea) This fly also incorporates a composite loop and shows some cool new fly tying techniques.
Nymphing Basics For Trophy Trout an...
Trailer for an on demand video. Nymphing is without doubt the best fly fishing method to dupe both large fish and large numbers of fish. Roy Wheeldon of Fly Fishing Fantasies shares his nymphing expertise including how to nymph, best tackle choices, top big fish fly patterns, strategies, and more. Filmed on British Columbia’s premier trophy brown trout and steelhead river, The Cowichan.
Larimer's Brazilian
Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie Tom Larimer's Brazilian Steelhead Fly. Claret colored Steelhead flies are known to produce when all other colors fail. The Brazilian is no exception; an excellent come back fly for the Dry Fly fisherman, or a subtle offering for Steelhead that have seen it all.
Larimer's Green Butt Purple
Larimer's Green Butt Purple Steelhead Fly Tying Instruction Video

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