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The sea run rainbow trout

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Steelhead Fishing
Steelhead fishing on the Northwest coast. Shot for Red Truck Fly Rods.
Scudmarine Steelhead Nymph Pattern

Learn to tie a very effective steelhead nymph pattern. It may not be well known that pink scuds catch steelhead like crazy, but it's true. I've developed this pattern over the past four years and I'm very confident in it when fly fishing for steelhead. It is easily one of my top three steelhead nymphs. It is easy to tie, looks good in your box, and catches fish.

Devin Olsen from Fly Fishing Team USA turned me on to fishing pink scuds for steelhead. He is one of the world's best fly fisherman and you can check out his blog for more great tips.

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In Search of the Grab
Cold mornings, colder boat rides. Spey rods. Empty rivers. Cast. Swing. Step. Repeat. The rhythms of late season steelheading are driven by a need for solitude and passionate anticipation - the next cast could be the one. In this short video, Tom Larimer and Ryan Buccola, settle into the motions of late fall steelheading - in search of that elusive, electrifying grab that sends shivers down the spines of steelhead anglers everywhere.
Intruder Steelhead Fly

During this fly tying tutorial, I welcome guest tyer Joe Kayafas as he shares a version of the ever-popular Intruder fly. During the tying, Joe goes into detail explaining the various steps and techniques for tying this pattern, plus offers insight towards other possible variations and methods. This is an excellent pattern for various species, including steelhead, and I encourage you to share your own variations via this site's comments.

If interested in learning more about Joe, or simply to follow his fishing and tying, be sure to add him on Facebook:

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Vintage WOTF - Swingin' For Steel 1
Here's a blast from the past! Nearly a decade ago we began fishing the remote Bell Irving, Nass and Damdochax rivers in Northern BC. This is a little known and very wild steelhead destination accessed and supported by a heli-skiing lodge. It was the venue for one of our first video efforts produced for television. We brought along Andy Murray, English Spey fisherman extraordinaire, in the hopes of filming this Atlantic salmon maestro catching his first steelhead.

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