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The sea run rainbow trout

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Videos with "Steelhead - The sea run rainbow trout" - More videos about about this subject
Blue Flame steelhead fly
A pattern that is cross between 3 successful steelhead swinging patterns. I dont own the music. Enjoy!
G.P Tippet Intruder

Materials Used;

Hook, Intruder
Shank, Fish Skull Senyo's Articulated Shank Copper
Wire, Soft Flex 26lb Beading Wire
Threads, White and Uni-8/0 Fire Orange
Rear Hackles, Dyed Orange Schlappen and Golden Pheasant Tippet
Legs, Dyed, Sunburst and Hot Orange Rhea and Orange Flash Mix
Rib, Flo-Orange Braid
Body, Dubbing, Loop Thunder & Lightning Mix
Front Hackles, Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Tippet, Hot Orange Schlappen
Wing, Hot Orange and Sunburst Rhea and Orange Flash Mix
Jungle Cock Eyes

Fall Run

Steelhead Fly Fishing
Camera and Edit by Todd Moen
Masters Series DVD is available at the Catch Magazine store which features 1.5 hours of added bonus features.

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Marabou Lady Gaga
Bruce Berry US sales rep for Pro Tube Solutions tube fly tying materials stopped by The Caddis Fly Shop for a visit and a short video tying session. The Lady Gaga Steelhead Fly is a proven fish catcher.
Purple Zonker Intruder
Thomas Ranger demonstrates how to tie an intruder style steelhead fly pattern.
Green Butt Steelhead Stinger
Thomas Ranger demonstrates how to tie a "stinger" style steelhead fly pattern.

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