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Lively Legz Stonefly
Hook: 2xl #8 - #10 Weight: .020 Lead Wire Tail: Brown Goose Biots Body: Brown Stretch Cord Wingcase: Swiss Straw Thorax: Light Brown Dubbing
Tim's Golden Stone

Hook:6xl Streamer/Nymph
Bead: 3mm Gold
Weight: .020 Lead Wire
Thread: Golden Olive
Tail: Marked Gold Rubber Legs
Underbody: Marked Gold Rubber Legs
Overbody: Clear Stretch Magic
Legs: Marked Gold Rubber Legs
Thorax: Gold Hare's Mask

Steelhead Stonefly

Adding vibrant color to steelhead nymphs is critical. Here is a Rubber Leg Stonefly variation tied with a hot pink head. The Rubber Leg Stonefly was made famous long ago for trout fishing, but with the color scheme shown in this video it quickly becomes an appealing snack for steelhead. It is a quick and easy pattern that won't let you down.

Chris Cutler from showed me this particular Stonefly a couple years ago. Check out his blog for exciting fishing stories and great photography.

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Rowley Stone

Trout feed on stonefly nymphs year round. This has been the best producing stonefly pattern I've fished. The hotspot collar along with the combination of durable materials formed in the outline of a stonefly are a proven success.

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Rubberlegs Stonefly
This video will show you how to tie the CATCH Rubberlegs, a killer Stonefly pattern on most rivers