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Golden Stonefly Nymph
This pattern represents various yellow/brown stonefly species found east and west. I had very high success with this pattern on heavily fished streams in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The brown wire really enhances the segmentation with a lifelike color scheme. While a little on the time consuming side to tie, if you break it down to a body, then thorax step tie, then things really pick up steam. Enjoy!
PK Stonefly
The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop Fly Tying Video: PK Stonefly Dry Fly
Modified Jim's Stone

Hook: 2xl #12 - #16
Bead: 3mm Black
Weight: .015 Lead Wire
Thread: Black
Tail: Black Goose Biot
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Abdomen: Peacock Herl
Wingcase: Molted Turkey Tail
Thorax: Black Krystal Dubbing
Legs: Black Krystal Flash

Mutant Ninja Stonefly Nymph

I pieced this "semi" realistic stonefly pattern together from several popular patterns to come up with a different take on a stonefly imitation. The pattern is a little complicated, but not overly time consuming once you tie a few. The Nymph Stretch Skin body provides great segmentation and I like the soft feel it has when a trout would bite down on it. You can change the colors and materials to match any stonefly imaginable.

Hemingway's Golden Stonefly

Hook: 4xl Streamer #8 - #12
Weight: .030 Lead Wire
Thread: Burnt Orange
Tail: Tan Goose Biot
Rib: Extra Fine Copper Wire
Under Body: Natural Hair Blend
Abdomen: Hemingway's Back
Legs: Hemingway's Soft Rubber Legs
Under Thorax: Natural Hair Blend
Thorax: Hemingway's Wing Buds

Two Tone Stone

Hook: 2xl Nymph #8 - #16
Bead: 3mm Black
Weight: .020 Lead Wire
Thread: Black
Tail: Black Goose Biot
Rib: Black Wire
Underbody: Tan Dubbing
Back/Wingcase: Black Wool Yarn
Legs: Black Goose Biiot
Thorax: Tan Dubbing