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About fishing in running water

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Postcards from the Swiss Alps

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Only the River Knows

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The Green Inchworm

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Swedish Lapland

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Hatch Q&A

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The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

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Another Year of the Giants

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Springtime In Detroit

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The brown trout rivers of Estonia

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Stepping into the Stream

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Vision and Refraction

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Don't wade, you idiot!

Videos with "Stream - About fishing in running water" - More videos about about this subject
FLY Fishing the INW this spring through fall and took the GoPro out for a few trips. Thanks to the friends for visiting and shooting some line. Songs are Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and Thank You by Dido.
Always Worth the Trip
Mark Raisler talks about the experience of spending a day on a quiet Montana freestone river, instead of larger and more famous rivers that produce more and bigger trout.
Fin Followers in Lapland
In the summer 2014, five Fin Followers went fishing in Lapland: Wonderful scenery, beautiful trouts and handsome boys. Enjoy
The Beaverhead - Epic Montana Trout...
It's a hot August day in Southwest Montana, but the burly browns of the spring-fed Beaverhead River are hungry and looking up. Lance Gleason and H.R. Hoffman get it done on an epic dry-fly day. WARNING: Salty Language
Salsa Cycles Idaho Overnighter
Salsa Cycles short film of an overnighter bikepacking trip in the Teton Valley of Idaho. Bikes, fly fishing and sleeping under the stars: life doesn't get much better.
A Day of Reflection: Lip Rippin' pt...

The day for the books at the Fraser River in Winter Park, Colorado. FYI... This isn't a fly fishing video. It's just three buddies hanging out that happened to be fishing and a dog too.

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