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About fishing in running water

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Only the River Knows

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The Green Inchworm

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Swedish Lapland

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Hatch Q&A

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The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

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Another Year of the Giants

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Springtime In Detroit

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The brown trout rivers of Estonia

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Stepping into the Stream

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Vision and Refraction

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Don't wade, you idiot!

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I've Never Met an Idiot...

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Bluebird Day in the Valley
Markleeville's finest piece of water tucked in the Pleasant Valley. Great day and Melissa's first day with a 9' fighting stick. She had a huge day!
A portrait of a 16 year old fly-fisherman.
Past week.

Myself and Linus Jonsson aka "the darkest kokkafe-maker" filmed some flyfishing and stuff the past week.
And now we made our first ever flyfishing edit.
Some trouts and some graylings plus a good soundtrack in here.

Introduction to Wet Fly Fishing, Fi...

This is my second instructional on wet fly fishing. This time I take a look at fishing in a small stream and cover issues like leader set up and how to approach a hole to fish. I hope these videos are helpful to you and if you like them please subscribe to my YouTube channel and like us on Facebook. As always please check out our website at for all your fly fishing needs.

Rocky Mountain Fly Highway

In the heart of the Northern Rockies, one 500 mile stretch of U.S. Highway 20 threads a dozen jewels-- the West’s most prized blue ribbon trout streams. Along the way, the corridor winds through some of America’s most spectacular scenery-- jagged peaks, bewitching deserts, shimmering waters in pristine forests.

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Viking Pathways
Fly Fishing in Scandinavian "jungles"

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