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About fishing in running water

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Only the River Knows

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The Green Inchworm

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Swedish Lapland

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Hatch Q&A

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The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

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Another Year of the Giants

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Springtime In Detroit

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The brown trout rivers of Estonia

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Stepping into the Stream

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Don't wade, you idiot!

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I've Never Met an Idiot...

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Sight Fishing Big Sea Trout in a Sm...
In this episode of FLY TV we join Steffan Jensen from Fly-Dressing and Vision on a fishing trip to a small river that Steffan proclaims holds really big sea trout, a claim that honestly is quite hard to believe - until you actually take a walk by the river and look attentively down in the water... This is a film about the unique sight fishing for really big sea trout that you can do in a handful of small rivers in Southern Sweden, and probably other similar rivers in Sweden and around the world.
A Load of Bull
Bull trout fishing in northern US
Shadow of the volcano
The volcano that dominates everything, witnessed as so often, my successes and my flaws.
The shadow of the volcano: a new chapter of flySOLO series. Enjoy!

El volcán que todo lo domina, fue testigo como tantas otras veces, de mis aciertos y de mis defectos.
La sombra del volcán: un nuevo capítulo de flySOLO series. Enjoy!
Two Worlds

A river and a lake. Two different worlds. In one of them what moves is the water, in the other just fish moves. But sometimes they seem to be pretty much the same thing.

Un río y un lago. Dos mundos distintos. En uno el que se mueve es el agua, en el otro el pez. Aunque a veces se parecen mucho.

Sweden 2014 - Location X

A short video about our last trip flyfishing trip to Sweden, Location "X" - Week 27. Mainly dry fly fishing for big wild brownies! Amazing river and landscapes, warm welcome! Lake, river and tributaries for fly fishing only!
Big up to Robert for the warm welcome and advice!

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Two fly fishing days at the domain ...

In spring the Rodtrip team has been fishing at Sommedieue for two days.
This fishing site is of a remarkable beauty and an excellent place for sight fishing. Here, flyfishing equals with respect for the surrounding nature, warm and friendly people, and local terroir kitchen.
Read the complete article and have more details about this place on Rodtrip :

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