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About fishing in running water

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Fly fishing Idrijca
Slovenia An Escorted Trip
The Little Things in Life
I suspect that life is about appreciating the small things in life. The small discoveries, the small explorations, the small & subtle moments. These little things add up to a life well lived. While they may only be relative to ourselves, sometimes sharing them simply adds to another person's life. This is another quick & imperfect edit of a moment Amelia was able to enjoy this past week. We had literally no expectation as we tip toed into a tiny tributary stream.

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Quiet Beauty
We live for those intimate moments. I'm sure you've heard us say that before. The obvious point in saying that is the intimacy of some of the video we share. The subtle part of the statement is the word 'moments'. You don't bang out intimate fly fishing moments one after another. It's simply a matter of finding one moment and appreciating it, like this engagement with this nice brown. Amelia had a good go at it, yet it had a mind of its own and while was likely going to get fooled, was erratic enough to be unpredictable.

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Sky High Dry Fly
Testing of Twigg & Barry Sky High 3wt 8'4" fly rod on rainbow trout and bulltrout. Classic late season dry fly fishing!
A summers day at Harasjömåla
A warm summers day in "Flugströmmen" in Harasjömåla: a different kind of Put and Take.
Fall Fly Fishing Wilson Creek North...

This video took a lot to finally publish. With a lost project right before publishing the video we had to remake the entire video. But we finished and here is our trip from early October where we played the Brook trout nymphin and swinging woolies. Even had some dry fly action later in the day! Just an awesome day over all!

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