Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish

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Baby fish for Asp

Simple and easy to tie baby fish for Asp. I have used synthetic materials only:
- Ice dub UV
- Senyo's laser dub
- craft fur
- 3d epoxy eyes

Whalesback Shiner

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Streamers Inc
From the team at Headhunters Fly Shop for the Orvis Down The Hatch Film Festival in Missoula Montana.
Fish Skull Sparkle Minnow

A simple streamer to tie thanks to a very cool material - Wapsi's Palmer Chenille. When finished with a Fish Skull, this fly looks great. Good amounts of flash and elements of realism make this fly a sure bet. Great for trout and smallmouth bass. Video by Dakota Angler & Outfitter in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Fish Hair Baby Brown Trout

Hook: 4xl #12 - #4
Thread: Black
Body: Yellow Krystal Flash
Underbelly: Pearl GSS
Belly: White Fish Hair
Throat: Red Deer Hair
1st Wing: Yellow Fish Hair
2nd Wing: Brown Fish Hair
3rd Wing: Grizzly Hackle
Eyes: 3D Black on Gold

Red and White Bucktail

Hook: 4xl Streamer #14 - #4
Thread: Red
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib: Oval Silver tinsel
Wing #1: White Bucktail
Wing #2: Red Bucktail
Wing #3: Peacock Herl

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· Intimidated by a streamer - I wanted to tie a Carrie Stevens, Rangerly style New England streamer, but was surprised how hard it actually was