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Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish

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Rainbow streamer

This is a variant of "Rainbow" marabou muddler streamer originated by Finnish fly fisherman Erkki Norell in 1981.
hook: #2-6 Ken Sawada LD2
tail: yellow and orange bucktail
rib: gold wire
body: gold Ice wing fiber
wing: grizzly cock, yellow bucktail, yellow, green, red/orange and black marabou, mother of pearl Gliss 'n Glow
head: deer hair

Blue skull bait

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A much anticipated streamer from my repertoire. This is what I would deem the upper echelon in terms of size for trout. The pattern tied in the video comes in at 8 -9 inches in length. Top end for trout, but moderately sized for apex predators. This fly can be tied in a variety of colors, have fun with it. And throw this guy on an 8 weight and hang on.
Articulated Baitfish
The articulated version of my realistic baitfish. Pretty self explanatory. This one is tied in a shad or alewife color combo. Have fun with the color schemes and fish it hard
Sandy Darter

Hook:6xl Streamer #6 - #12
Weight: .025 Lead Wire
Thread: Black
Rib: Holo Tinsel
Body: White Floss
Wing: Sandy Dun Hackle
Head: Natural Color Craft Fur
Eyes: Deer Creek Stick-on
Resin: Deer Creek Diamond Fine

Kelly Galloup Ties a Yellow Streame...

From the DVD "A Tribute to Fly Tying" from
Dave Long interviews Kelly Galloup, author and streamer expert who has been published in nearly every fly-fishing periodical in the country.

About "Streamers - Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish" from Blog Creek GFF's weblog
· Intimidated by a streamer - I wanted to tie a Carrie Stevens, Rangerly style New England streamer, but was surprised how hard it actually was