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Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish

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Videos with "Streamers - Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish" - More videos about about this subject
Articulated Circus Peanut

A articulated version of Russ Madden's Circus Peanut. A most killing fly that Kelly Galloup sights as "one of the most successful articulated streamer patterns of all time".
Here Fly Fishing Podcast ties the Yellow version a good change colure and one that can get those sly old ones to take.

Golden Dorado Streamer

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures co-owner Ian Davis presents a pattern designed to target the large Golden Dorado of South America. This pattern was tested and designed in the heart of the jungle this fall during a Yellow Dog Hosted Trip to Tsimane Lodge – our premier Golden Dorado operation in Bolivia. Take a look as Ian serves up the design and details for his Dorado fly, and contact Yellow Dog for more information on Golden Dorado and Tsimane Lodge!

Clark Cheech Pierce's Snot Goblin

The first video in the Fly Fish Food series....Cheech's Snot Goblin.

Rear Hook - Gamakatsu B10s #2 (or #4 2XL streamer hook)
Tail/Wing - Magnum Bunny Strip
Hackle - Schlappen
Body - Simi-Seal (in a dubbing loop)

Front Hook - Gamakatsu B10s #1 (or #4 2XL Streamer)
Eyes - I-Balz or CCG Plastic Dumbell
Tail/Wing - Magnum Bunny Strip
Hackle - Schlappen
Body - Simi-Seal
Head - Laser Dub

Sweeny Todd Streamer

Materials Used;
Hook, Alex Jackson Silver size 3
Thread, UTC 140 Pink
Rib, Oval Silver Tinsel
Body, Black Floss
Thorax, Glo-Brite no.1
Throat, Dyed Red Hackle Fibres or Fox
Wing, Dyed Black Silver Fox or Squirrel
Sides, Grizzle Cock

Girl On Girl Action. An New Killer ...

Girl On Girl Action is a New Killing articulated fly out of Tim Leech's Stable. This killing fly was developed out of Kelly Galloup's Stacked Blond. Tim added a Redhead in front and articulated the fly to proved plenty of movement and the Girl on Girl Action was born. A proven big fish killer, a go to fly when you need to provide a little bit of shock and awe to get a reaction.

Best fished on a fast sinking Line with a strip or tip retrieve, the two tone helps emphasise the pulsing movement of the articulation and feathers.

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About "Streamers - Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish" from Blog Creek GFF's weblog
· Intimidated by a streamer - I wanted to tie a Carrie Stevens, Rangerly style New England streamer, but was surprised how hard it actually was