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Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish

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Thunder & Lightning Streamer

Materials Used;

Hook, Carrie Stevens
Thread, Black
Rib, Gold Tinsel
Body, Black Floss
Throat, Orange Bucktail and Dyed Golden Pheasant Crest Hot Orange
Underwing, Golden Pheasant crest dyed Yellow
Wing, Dyed Yellow and Hot Orange Cock Rooster Cock
Throat, Dyed Blue Guinea Fowl
Sides, Bronze Mallard Feathers
Eyes, Jungle Cock

DV Liberace Clouser

SoCalFlyTying Pattern developed by local fly tyer Dave Valadez to fish the bays and estuaries.
Great pattern overall that does really well fishing low light conditions and dirty/stained water.
Great pattern that fishes well in San Diego Bay.

Mini Headbanger Sculpin
Here is the single hook version of the Headbanger Sculpin. This little guy can be fished in a bunch of different ways. It can be manipulated through the water column like any streamer, but also can be fished dead drift like a nymph. Experiment with colors, but be sure to have some of the earth tones in your selection.
Micro Pick Streamer
A quick single using some spare materials on your desk.
Magic Carpet Minnow

Hook: Octopus #6 - #1/0
Thread: Black
Body: Yellow Magic Carpet
Wing: Black Magic Carpet
Eyes: Stick On
Resin: Diamond Fine

Alpha Predator

A great fly for saltwater, warmwater or even trout.
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About "Streamers - Long, slender flies that often mimick small fish" from Blog Creek GFF's weblog
· Intimidated by a streamer - I wanted to tie a Carrie Stevens, Rangerly style New England streamer, but was surprised how hard it actually was