The super simple Japanese fising gear, flies and technique

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Tenkara Fishing
A day Tenkara Fishing
Tenkara Adams

Hook: 2xl Curved #12 - #20
Thread: Grey
Tail: Bootlace
Hackle: Grizzly and Ginger

Quill Tenkara Wet

Hook: 2xl Curved
Thread: Black
Body: Stripped Peacock Herl
Resin: Diamond Fine
Hackle: Partridge

Guide's Day Off
Here's what Dakota Angler & Outfitter guides do on their days off! Fishing has been great this year, and we have plenty of water so it's only going to continue!
Fly Fishing with Tenkara in the Smo...
Fishing-Fly fishing guides Ian and Charity Rutter discuss the use of Tenkara for trout fishing in the Smoky Mountains.

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description: a rod, a line, a fly --- a simpler way to fish.

site: http://www.tenkararodco.com