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Insects that ought to stay on dry land

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Videos with "Terrestrials - Insects that ought to stay on dry land" - More videos about about this subject
Dave's Hopper

The Dave's Hopper is a favorite "go to" Hopper Pattern for many fly fishers. The high floating properties and life like appearance of the Dave's Hopper, make it one of the best Grasshopper Patterns ever developed. The Dave's Hopper was created by fly tying mastermind Dave Whitlock. The Dave's Hopper is made to be fished in the heat of summer and flopped down near the bank (where hoppers tend to fall or be blown into the river). The Dave's Hopper is a great indicator for the "Hopper Dropper" technique and is extremely deadly on hungry trout.

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Letort Hopper

The Letort Hopper is a great small micro Hopper pattern.
The Letort Hopper is made to imitate the smaller hoppers in the grass and fool the pickiest of trout. The Letort Hopper is a killer little hopper on spring creeks, sloughs and slow water areas. The Letort Hopper sits flush to the water and has a slim realistic profile. The Letort Hopper is also simple to tie!
Making it a great Hopper pattern for the new fly tier to tackle!
CLICK & BUY The Materials Used In The Video: http://www.intheriffle.com/fishing-videos/fly-tying/letort-hopper/

Easy Foam Froggy
In this episode of FishTales I demonstrate how I tie a new version of the froggy fly. I've tied foam flys for several years now and despite the fact they cost very little to make they do catch fish. I fish mostly for largemouth bass around Central Texas but this fly should work anywhere fish key in on frogs. Tie a few and fling them at some fish! Good luck
Yellow Bumblebee Suspended
Imitation of attraction for the summer months
Cicada Madness Green River, Utah 20...
A few highlights from 3 days of amazing dry fly fishing on Utah's Green River! Reminding us all of why such an amazing place needs to be protected for many future memories. What other river allows an 8 year old to hook and land such nice fish on dries?

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