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This video is about Chuck Kraft's Fly Tying DVD Volume I and it shows a sample from the DVD on how to tie the Kreelex. This is one of Chuck's best flies he ever developed and is deadly on Freshwater and Saltwater species. Since 1996 this fly has literally caught almost every fish you could think of from Smallmouth to Dorado, to Trout to Musky. It has won fishing tournaments and was outlawed in certain fly fishing tournaments for being too effective. Simple to tie and if we had only one fly to fish for anything it would be the Kreelex.
Fly Tying Gliss N Glint Purple Haze...

Hook: Circle or Octopus #1 -#2/0
Weight: .035 Lead Wire
Thread: Black
Body: White Gliss n Glint
Veil: Lavender Gliss N Glint
Wing: Peacock Herl
Eyes: Gator Eyes
Resin: Diamond Hard