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Tube Flies
Flies tied on plastic or metal tubes rather than hooks

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FlyOn tube fly system

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The Tube Fly

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Catskill Tube Flies

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Tube Flies: Part 4

During Part 4 of my series on "Tube Flies," I discuss the articles that originally got me interested in this style of fly tying based on its simplicity. Next, I give a brief overview of both "Head" and "Tail" sections, and tie a Zonker-style fly that is perfect for use whether you are fly fishing saltwater or freshwater.

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The Gold & Brown Intruder Tube
A friend of our asked for an Intruder style tube in a more natural colour for steelhead and salmon. Instead of the traditional, bright "steelhead colours", this tube fly tones it down a bit!
Fly Tying Christmas Ornaments
A great way to make a nice Christmas gift and show off your fly tying talents. These salmon fly Christmas bulbs look great on any Christmas tree!
Blue Ostrich Spey Intruder

A fantastic salmon and steelhead fly in the Intruder style. Tied using Ostrich Spey feathers from

Tube Flies: Part 3

This is my third installment of the "Tube Flies" series of fly tying tutorials. In this episode, I examine the HMH Poly tubing and the integration of coneheads. Part of the discussion includes possibilities for the colored tubes, leading me to tie a Clouser-style baitfish imitation on a fluorescent green poly tube.

If you have any experience using coneheads without integrating them onto the tube, please be sure to mention your own thoughts, techniques, and tips in the "Comments" section below.

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Tube fly for pike
A simple tube fly for pike (I suppose should work for muskie, too), easy to cast with 9wt rod. For the tail I improvised some blending from super hair fiber (found on ebay) and pseudo marabou, but a large variety of materials should do a good job for that. Materials list: - 4mm hard tube - Super hair fiber ( - pseudo marabou - flashabou - saddle feathers - baitfish emulator flash - craft fur - ostrich herl - fish mask - epoxy eyes

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