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Tube Flies
Flies tied on plastic or metal tubes rather than hooks

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Videos with "Tube Flies - Flies tied on plastic or metal tubes rather than hooks" - More videos about about this subject
Green Highlander tube fly
A full length tutorial in HD on how to tie a modern tubefly for salmon, with the inspiration from one of the most popular classic salmon flies, the Green Highlander. The video is a part of the video series Pimped Classics.
Tiger Snealda

The Tiger Snealda is one of the most popular flies for Atlantic Salmon last season. In this tutorial we tie this amazing pattern, it is also a great fly for Steelhead. With a Steelie Blue zonker, blue rubber legs and a hot orange cone perhaps!?

Tube: FutureFly 1.8 & 3mm clear, US tube 6mm gold
Thread: Textreme 6/0 black
Tail: Micro pulsator rabbit strip
Flash: Midge flash gold
Legs: FutureFly rubber legs yellow/black & orange/black
Eyes: EP crab&shrimp eyes x-small black
Body: ICE dub uv black
Ribbing: Medium oval tinsel gold
Hackle: FutureFly hen hackle yellow & black

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Tube Flies: Part 4

During Part 4 of my series on "Tube Flies," I discuss the articles that originally got me interested in this style of fly tying based on its simplicity. Next, I give a brief overview of both "Head" and "Tail" sections, and tie a Zonker-style fly that is perfect for use whether you are fly fishing saltwater or freshwater.

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The Gold & Brown Intruder Tube
A friend of our asked for an Intruder style tube in a more natural colour for steelhead and salmon. Instead of the traditional, bright "steelhead colours", this tube fly tones it down a bit!
Fly Tying Christmas Ornaments
A great way to make a nice Christmas gift and show off your fly tying talents. These salmon fly Christmas bulbs look great on any Christmas tree!

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