Two Hand Rods
AKA Spey rods - primarily for salmon, sea trout and steelhead fishing

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Spey Daze teaser
This is simply a mash up of footage shot so far for the steelhead project. I put this together as support for a few presentations I gave during the winter. it was never intended to see the light of day beyond those speaking engagements.

But then I thought…"why not", and here it is.

The project will continue thru 2015 and if all goes well a proper "trailer" will drop in early 2016 followed by a dvd/download release sometime later that fall.
River and Salt and Northern Oregon
When long work weeks seem to be never-ending, I couldn't pass on this quick 48 hour trip to the Northern Oregon Coast in search of steelhead, solitude, and to catch up with an old friend. Chris Hodgman and I met up with master spey guide Scott O'Donnell of Fly Water Travel, who gave access to remote waters where steelhead were eager to chase a swung fly. With a short window of opportunity, we intentionally set our expectations very low only to find exactly what we were hoping for.
River Morrum - take, fight and rele...
Jonas catches a hybrid in river Morrum. Take, fight and release on video
Long Live the King - Extended Cut

Long Live the King is a story of hope and resurgence for Alaska's great King Salmon fishery. Returning numbers of the fish have been dropping steadily, and both 2012 and 2013 hit especially hard - with multiple rivers and regions across the state seeing some of the lowest returns ever, forcing Alaska Fish and Game officials to close or severely limit salmon fishing around the state, including on some of Alaska's most iconic rivers.

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Wind and spey

One day with strong winds of 100km / h. Here's Rio Grande, so Patagonia Argentina. Beautiful!
06/12/14 Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Arelia Lodge.

Switch it Up

In the late fall, we stow our traditional fly rods and switch to our two-handed rods for the remainder of winter. The off season in North Central, MT is cold, and it's time for swinging streamers on the Missouri River in Montana. The fishing is typically excellent.

I haven't shot any two-handed fishing on the Missouri River in a few years. "Down & Across" was the last time, and it is one of my most watched Vimeo shorts (27K). There are more of us doing it now, and we're a little better at it.

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