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Bibio palmered wet fly
This popular palmered wet fly makes a superb bob or top dropper wet fly for fishing lakes, lochs, loughs and reservoirs.
This fly comprises the first round of the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine Fly Tying League 2014/15.
Royal Comet

Hook: 2xl Nymph #12 - #2
Eyes: Beadchain
Thread: Red
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet
Body: 1/3 Peacock Herl 1/3 Red Floss 1/3 Peacock Herl
Hackle: Coachman Red

Peacock and orange Soft Hackle Wet

Hook: Std/2xl Nymph #12 -#16
Thread: Black
Tail: Goose Biot
Rib: Orange Tinsel
Body: Peacock Herl
Wing: Mallard Quill Slips
Hackle: Partridge

Royal Coachman Wet Fly
CLICK & BUY The Materials Used In The Video: http://www.intheriffle.com/fishing-videos/fly-tying/royal-coachman-wet/
Teal and Brown Wet Fly
Hook: Curved Shank #16 - #1/0 Weight: .010 Lead Wire Thread: Brown Tail: Teal Flank Rib: Copper Wire Body: Brown Dubbing Hackle: Dark Hen Cape Wing: Teal Flank Collar: Dark Hen Saddle
Orange Grizzly Fishhawk

Hook: Semi Dropped #12 - #18
Thread: Rusty
Tail: Grizzly Hackle
Body: Orange Wool
Hackle: Grizzly