The Black Frede

The famouse Frede goes black

An oldie pattern from GFF

By Martin Joergensen

The Grey Frede is a surefire pattern for sea trout. It's a very versatile and robust fly that has become very popular. I decided to tie a darker version of the same fly.

The problem with this fly was primarily to find some good feathers for the tail and body. the Frede uses grizzly marabou wich can be bought in large bags, but I hadn't seen black feathers of the same type. Also Peter Loevendahl - father of the Grey Frede - uses dry fly grizzly hackles for the body hackle of his flies, and I had no black dry fly saddles or necks.

The solution was a Hoffmann Chickabou skin. These skins are available in all kinds of colors and they are sold both as grizzly - perfect for Grey Frede's - and black - perfect for my dark frede.

See larger pictures of both the Grey and the Black Frede's

Hook Partridge Nymph/Emerger, niflor, or large streamer 2-4
Thread Black
Tail A few straws of black flash black chickabou tailfeather. 1/2 hook length
Body Thick layer of black marabou dubbing - very thick
Rib Copper wire, fairly thick
Hackle Black chickabou bodyhackle
Eyes bead chain eyes under the hook shank (the original has the eyes over the hook shank)
Head Marabou dubbing over the eyes and a small head from tying thread

The tying instructions are almost identical with those of the Grey Frede.

  1. If using a nymph/emerger hook then put the hook in the vice and straighten it a bit. The hook gap has to be enlarged a bit. The finished hook looks much like a slightly curved Limerick hook.
  2. Tie in flash on top of the hook bend
  3. Find two dense marabou tailfeathers and tie in one on each side of the hook to make a flat tail. Leave the surplus as a base for the body
  4. Tie in a length of copper thread at the hook bend
  5. Cut of the barbs from a handfull of marabou feathers and mix them well
  6. Wax the tying thread and dub it with marabou in a thick layer
  7. Turn the dubbing over the hook to form a compact but fluffy body
  8. Let the dubbing stop approx. 1/3 from the eye
  9. Tie in a chickabou body feather as a hackle hackle in front of body. Tie in base first.
  10. Wind the hackle to the rear end of the body
  11. Lock down the hackle with the copper thread. Wind it opposite the hackle over the body
  12. Tie down copper thread and cut surplus
  13. Tie a couple of bead chain eyes on under the hook shank in front of body
  14. Dub the thread again and form a large head over and in front of the eyes
  15. Form a small head from thread, whip finish and varnish
  16. Stroke the whole fly lightly with a brush.

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