Published Jan 1. 2002 - 15 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 22. 2015

Dalby Revenger

A simple fly utilizing rabbit dyed with picric acid.

A large and colorful fly, but surprisingly good for clear water.

There are obvious variations of this fly - like a black stonefly type. But adding a red tail can sometimes do womders.
This was one of the first flies I tied with a rabbit skin I got dyed with picric acid. The innovations found in this pattern are limited - to put it mildly - not much new under the sun here. The color is also far from any color found in food items digested by sea trout. But in spite of both these facts the fly proved itself already on the first trip to a row of small islands called Dalby here in Denmark. The fly was baptized the Dalby Revenger (Dalbyhævneren in Danish), inspired by the fly the Dalby Dribbler, whose creator Mark Vagn Hansen was present on that particular trip.

Lots of variations
The fly is basically a stonefly type - long, slender, ribbed body and a large round hackle. Tie one in black and you're bound to say stonefly. I tied a few in natrual rabbit too, and their over all generic look also fooled a couple of fish. They will easily imitate anything from larger nymphs to shrimps and even fry.
My last variation had a red tail, made from a few red rabbit hairs, and thet too tempted a trout or two.

Hook Tiemco TMC 200, size 2-6
Thread Olive
Tail Olive rabbit (optional: red)
Rib Medium flat silver tinsel
Body Olive rabbit dubbing
Hackle Olive dyed grizzly hen
Head Tyeing thread

Tying instructions
  1. Tie in thread behind hook eye and cover shank
  2. Prepare a thin bunch of hair by removing underfur
  3. Tie in as a fairly long tail
  4. Return thread to hook bend and tie in ribbing
  5. Dub the body to a thin, cylindrical shape almost all the way to the hook eye
  6. Rib in 8-10 close and tight turns
  7. Prepare a hackle approx. 1½ hook gaps in barb length
  8. Tie in as a classic wet fly hackle
  9. Wind 4-6 times
  10. Tie down, cut surplus and form a small head
  11. Whip finish


where can i obtain p...

where can i obtain picric. acid. i tie flies here in arkansas

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