Domestic Fly

Published Mar 18th 2009

The common housefly is indeed... eh.... common, and an obvious insect to imitate.


The housefly - Domestic Fly

What does it imitate?
It imitates a house fly, obviously.

The idea for making this fly came from nature. I tie my flies after taking a closer look at the real insects. Knowing the entomology of the insects is the key to making a good imitation of a fly. The next thing is to choose the appropriate materials.

I use it when go fly fishing for chub. Here in Bulgaria the chub (Leuciscus cephalus) is a very popular fish for fly fishing and you can find it in almost all streams and rivers in our country as well as in many lakes.

I fish the fly as a dry fly.

Domestic Fly
Radoslav Kiskinov
Year of origin
Target species
Brown trout

HookMustad 94840 #14
AbdomenBlack foam and three peacock herls
WingsRoman Moser Plastic Raffia Sheeting Lt. Dun
Back and headBlack foam
ThoraxThree peacock herls
LegsBlack monofilament
EyesPearl Flat Tinsel Medium Lureflash

Tying instructions
See the images below

Step 1 - thread - Put the hook in the vice and cover it with thread.
Step 1 - thread
Step 2 - herls - Fix the three peacock herls
Step 2 - herls
Step 3 - foam - Fix a little piece of the foam as the fpoundation for the body.
Step 3 - foam
Step 4 - herl body - Wind the peacock herl and fix them
Step 4 - herl body
Step 5 - raffia - Cut two stripes of Roman Moser Plastic Raffia Sheeting Lt. Dun with a scissors and make them look like the wing of he real insect.
Step 5 - raffia
Step 6 - wings - Fix the wings with the thread
Step 6 - wings
Step 7 - foam - Fix the foam for the back
Step 7 - foam
Step 8 - thorax - Fix the peacock herl for the thorax
Step 8 - thorax
Step 9 - monofilament - Fix two pieces of monofilament as an \
Step 9 - monofilament
Step 11 - back - Cover the foam to the front and fix with the tying thread
Step 11 - back
Step 12 - eye separator - Cut the foam leaving part for the head. Fix a little piece of the thread on the top, which will be used for dividing the eyes.
Step 12 - eye separator
Step 13 - flash - Fix a piece of Pearl Flat Tinsel Medium Lureflash on one side of the head.
Step 13 - flash

Step 14 - eyes before - Pull the Lureflash across the head and fix it on the other side.
Step 14 - eyes before
Step 15 - divide - Pull the thread to the front and fix it behind the hook eye dividing the eyes.
Step 15 - divide
Step 16 - legs - Take a pair of tweezers and heat them with a flame and use them to shape the legs of the fly.
Step 16 - legs
Step 17 - done - Trim the legs and the fly is ready for action
Step 17 - done

The fly

User comments
From: steve · steve·at·  Link
Submitted June 3rd 2010

I made a house fly pattern also but it was a little different. For the eyes I melted the end of monofilament and put on two red seed beads, then melted the other end to form sort of a dumbell. Same body and I just tied a thick parachute style hackle with a white post of calf tail. I tried this pattern yesterday in the native brook stream in front of my house. Landed a 10" brook and a 12 1/4 brook in about 15 minutes! They sure do love the house fly!!!

From: Ferdi · ferdi·at·  Link
Submitted April 3rd 2010

I think your fly tying is absolutely outstanding and extra comments would be uncalled for

From: Pitt · pdatanasov·at·  Link
Submitted March 22nd 2009

You are getting better and better, Rado the Shark! Great job!

From: kevin lynas · kplynas·at·  Link
Submitted March 20th 2009

l have been tying flies on and off for the past 25 years and have never saw one so realistic, but l would be inclined to agree with Ripley that so much detail is not necessary to catch fish.
wish l could tie that good.

From: Ripley · mail·at·  Link
Submitted March 19th 2009

Fly-tying has never been my cup of tea.
While I admire and give full credit to anyone that can tie life like patterns, I am sure the pattern would still work if you finished at step 4.
Great pattern though.

From: Carlos Heinsohn · crh·at·  Link
Submitted March 18th 2009

Great design Radoslav!
The best housefly pattern I've ever seen.
Tonight I'm going to tie some!

Comment to an image
From: wayne golka · poppy1048·at·  Link
Submitted March 11th 2011

That is absolutely the most life like fly I've seen. Excellent job!!!!

Comment to an image
From: Pitt · pdatanasov·at·  Link
Submitted March 22nd 2009

Great imitatiom by Rado, a.k.a. Akulata (the Shark!)!

Comment to an image
From: leo - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted April 20th 2015

Spectacular!, Very well done! Thanks for sharing!

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