Published Jan 1. 2002

Muddler mania - Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler

A conehead muddler/zonker

Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler


  Tying instructions:
  • Mount the brass head on the hook. It might be necesarry to press down barb for it to pass
  • Tie in ribbing over the hook bend
  • Cover the hook shank with tying thread to one third shank length behind
    the hook eye
  • Tie in flat silver tinsel
  • Wind to hook bend and back
  • Tie down and trim
  • Tie in the zonker strip with hairs pointing backwards
  • Pull the strip and secure with 4-5 open turns of ribbing
  • Stack a bunch of deer hair and tie in to form a collar
  • Tie in more deer hair to fill space behind brass head
  • Whipfinish behind head and varnish
  • Trim deer hair to flush with brass head using a razor blade. Be careful not to cut the collar
Hook Kamasan
Cone Slender brass cone
Thread Tan
Rib Oval silver tinsel
Body Medium flat silver tinsel
Wing/tail Zonker strip from mink or nutria
Head/collar Natural deer hair

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