Seatrout flies for 2012

Published Apr 18th 2012

I thought I'd expand my horizon a bit and add some new seatrout patterns to my flybox before the 2012 season.


Filling the box

The seatrout season will soon be upon us here in northern Europe, and I have started filling my boxes for the spring. But rather than tying the good old standards only, I thought I'd introduce some new (to me and my personal coastal fishing at least), but still proven patterns in my flybox.

I'm not one who changes my habits from season to season

My fishing friends will attest to that I'm not one who changes my habits from season to season, but at the same time they also accuse me of being extremely experimental from time to time. I like rubber legs, foam, beads and strange constructions.
But I still fish my basic patterns most, and thought that I'd supplement my usual Grey Fredes, Magnuses, Bloody Butchers and Red Tags with something just a little different.
So I searched the Danish books, web sites, magazines and discussion boards and found some flies that seems to be both popular and productive. Some are more recent patterns, but some do actually have many seasons behind them, and have proven their worth many times.
They also follow my own philosophy of seatrout flies: simple, few materials and it doesn't hurt that I like their looks too.

But be warned: I have only fished two of these patterns - and one was not even for seatrout. The only proof of their efficiency lies in what I have seen, what others have told me and what I have read. But that is sufficient for me, and might also be for you. You can see my most trusted and truly proven patterns in my book Favorite Flies for Baltic Seatrout and on this site as articles tagged with the keyword seatrout flies.

The flies are
Brenda - The Brenda tied with light brown rooster hackle is a bright but still very harmonic fly. See materials and full pattern description.
The frida - The fly is done and ready for varnish. See materials and full pattern description.
The frida
Rolled Muddler - The finished fly. See materials and full pattern description.
Rolled Muddler
FMJRM - The Full Metal Jacket Rolled Muddler - a Rolled Muddler with a cone in stead of a bead. See materials and full pattern description.

Djihad - Here tied on a large stinger hook. See materials and full pattern description.
PK Mysis Variant - The finished fly with a fairly pronounced head. See materials and full pattern description.
PK Mysis Variant
Eskol\\\'s Mini Pig - The compact and easy version of the notorious Pink Pig. See materials and full pattern description.
Eskol's Mini Pig
Pinky Pain - A bright and beautiful, classical hair wing streamer. See materials and full pattern description.
Pinky Pain

The full pattern descriptions can be found by following the links below to the separate articles.

Seatrout flies for 2012
These are the patterns that I will introduce in my boxes for the 2012 season

User comments
From: geoff - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted October 29th 2012

Martin, some interesting patterns. Our sea trout season is coming to an end in the uk ( end of this month! ) Have just tied up some NEW for next season/year, not sure how to attach/download to you, but if you wish to see them go to, "click" on FLIES then click on sea trout flies, the tying is for a single front hook, but i prefer a "double" front hook.

From: Jan - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted April 23rd 2012


that's a really gorgeous collection and I also like the one-a-day rhythm a lot - can't wait until tomorrow.

All the best


GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted April 23rd 2012


Yes, being an old magazine guy and liking regular readers, I keep articles spaced out and trickling in. I like people to return and to have something new to look at, but rather than keeping this series with our regular 3-4 days interval, I thought that a week long burst would be nice.

And regarding being modern or young and stupid I certainly don't hope that you imply that I'm old fashioned and aging! ;-)

Jesting aside:you know how it is with fly patterns. We could basically do with three simple patterns, but if we didn't go berserk now and then, how could we ever justify to ourselves and our family that we need most of a room full of materials and tools to tie flies?

We simply have to invent or introduce something new now and then. It's also an important part of the fun and creative game that fly fishing can also be.


From: Thomas - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted April 23rd 2012

Hi Martin,

Great idea as usual, i'm very much looking forward to the rest.
You seem to be keeping us on edge with your regular trickle of articles, instead of posting them at once, maybe that's why we all keep coming back regularly. :)
I've been a bit more modern (or young and stupid, however you'll like to call it) and have mainly been tying EP sand eels and polarfibre minnows and shrimps.
We'll see how those work out for shad and sea bass once they get back inshore.

best regards,


From: Kelvin Kleinman · kkrvp·at·  Link
Submitted April 18th 2012

what a great collection!

Comment to an image
From: Paul Slaney · paulslaney·at·  Link
Submitted April 18th 2012

Great little fly that Martin, catches lots of fry feeding fish for me.

Comment to an image
From: Mario Barcia · mariobarcia·at·  Link
Submitted July 12th 2012

Very good, translucent and very shiny

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