Published Feb 6. 2010 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 17. 2015

Sinister Phly

A phly for fishing on the dark side - sinister in colour

Not-so-sinister - An all white version of the same fly. The construction is the same, the colors different. And no herl...
Sinister - Dark version of a very effective striper fly. This one has a white belly as a contrast.
There's a dark side and a bright side... />In my previous life, I did some of my best work hanging under wings inPete Gray
the dark [transcontinental cargo]... That was then... This is now...

There's something compelling about fishing at O'dark thirty. Dead drifting a substantial Sinister through the mugging zone...

Subtle signs... the floating line and short leader take on a different "feel"... things go tight... line pays out into the night...

The basic foundation remains very much the same as you have seen in The Phar Side Phly... with variations in colour... darker/lighter/larger/smaller... you decide... or rather: the fish decide...

Basic tying techniques are combined to achieve a desired insinuation...

Step 1: thread
Step 2: tail
Step 3: flash
Step 4: more feathers
Step 5: bucktail
Step 6: more bucktail
Step 7: and a bit more
Step 8: jungle cock
Step 9: flatwing
Pete Gray
Step 10: herl
Pete Gray

Step 11: the finished fly - Finish the head, tie off, trim thread and varnish or epoxy. Notice the size of the fly. Don't be afraid of long feathers!
Don't be afraid of size... or darkness
Pete Gray

Location, location, location... and time on the water...

Sinister Phly at work - The Sinister Phly is great for night fishing
A member of the phocus group has spoken
Pete Gray

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