Published May 30. 2013 - 2 years ago

Pedro Pablo Yañez Duran

Chilean Pedro Pablo Yañez Duran AKA PeterXtremefly is a professional fly-tyer with a big heart for saltwater flies.

At the vise - PeterXtremefly tying
At the vise
Pedro Pablo Yañez Duran

Fishing was present during all my childhood, but I started fly-fishing when I was 10 years old. The experience was just amazing from there. My passion for this sport begins to be more a way of life. At 11 I started fly-tying, just looking in fishing magazines and watching some fly-fishing TV shows.
In the beginning I tied some classic flies like Woolly's, but then I start making my own style flies - a mix of pure creativity and real fish food... many just creativity!
A few years later when I was a teenager I started on saltwater fly fishing. I grew a big passion for the sea. I am always dreaming about fishing in remote tropical destinations like the Seychelles, Maldives etc...

My fly tying passion started when I saw a big flashy saltwater pattern for the first time.
It was a FPF fly tied be Kate Howe and Bill Howe. They inspired me to tie saltwater flies for the rest of my life. Later I saw the work of other great masters like Steve Farrah, Bob Popovic , Bob Veverkas and many more.

From 2004 I started making flies as a commercial tier then and in 2011 I created my own little business called Xtremefly. Now I am a Clear Cure Goo Pro Staff member.
I collaborated on a few fly tying publications and also contributed to Tony Lolli's book "Fly Patterns by Fishing Guides" It contains 200 flies... that's a lot of work from Tony.

You can see my work on my Facebook page PeterXtremefly and also on the CleaCureGoo Facebook page or on my online store


Pedro Pablo Yañez Duran
Phone: 56-2-7174543
Country: Chile
Online store:
Facebook page: PeterXtremefly


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